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Default Hey guys, Sepwich will be having some downtime.

Originally Posted by Sep's email
Hello joshua rayburn,
The following email from Billing was sent through the contact client form. Note- the sender may also be copied on this email.

Message as follows:
To: joshua rayburn
From: Billing

Subject: Server Upgrades

Dear Valued Customers,
We wanted to inform you about a few changes that are going to be happening over the next few days. We are going to be upgrading all of our servers that are on rows A1-A11, which includes every customer who recieves this email. After a great deal of time, as well as an investment on our part, we are excited to announce these changes that will bring performance increases of up to 500%. We will be keeping all of our old servers up for up to a month after we make this move, but do require a few steps to be done on your part, to keep downtime minimal for you, as well as your customers. We expect downtime on this change to be no more than one hour, which is absolutely amazing for the amount of data that we will be transfering. We will have all our tech's on duty and ready for our call to make this transfer. We need to know we have your attention on this matter, so that when the time comes, the transfer goes through uninterrupted. The only thing needed to be done on your end as a customer, is a change in your main resellers domain account. The change will be the ip address for nameserver1 and nameserver2. When the time comes for the transfer, we will email you all with the specifics. Please let us know ahead of time if you do not know how to change your DNS information in your domain registrar for your nameservers, so that we can walk you through it. Once again, we want to assure you all that will continue to move forward in the Reseller and Dedicated web hosting business, and continue to provide exceptional service to our loyal customers like yourself. On behalf of, we thank you. Staff
Read more about it:
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Super mystic sonic
The Golden Blur
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Default NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I hope that makes sense.
If you need a reply, contact me on Youtube/Skype.
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Omega the Hedgehog
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Horray for a 500% preformance boost. God knows how !@#$ slow the site's been lately :E
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Old 07-02-2006   #4
Default Re: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Super mystic sonic

I hope that makes sense.
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Default Re: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Originally Posted by MilkChan
Originally Posted by Super mystic sonic

I hope that makes sense.
Damn bumpers and their bumpity bump...

Apart from 'bump', copyright Chaos Zero 64 D:.
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Default Re: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Originally Posted by MilkChan
Originally Posted by Super mystic sonic

I hope that makes sense.
You sir, fail at posting at the right time, a 5 month bump is stupid. And a 3 letter reply isn't acceptable, I can see FF warning you some time soon.
<+Jev3> btw guys, now that Cue is gone, the Master Server is going to be awesome
<@Mystic> That's a good idea, Cue.
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Old-school composer
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FF probably would, except I saw the thread first. :D

cueball61 said pretty much everything that needed to be said. Don't do that again MilkChan.

Jarel Jones
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