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[XSRB2] Golfpack v1 (g_golfpack.wad) Details »»
[XSRB2] Golfpack v1 (g_golfpack.wad)
Version: 1.0, by darkbob1713 (I hate this username :() darkbob1713 is offline
Developer Last Online: Nov 2011

Version: XSRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 04-15-2010 Last Update: Never Installs: 3
Single Player Levels

After almost 20 days of work on this, the first demo of golfpack is here! :D
I'm sorry for the quickly thrown together hole 9 for Detritus Desert. I will probably make a better version of it in future releases.
Spoiler: images

Important notes:
*You must use MAP MAPG1 -FORCE in xsrb2 to start playing.
*Please play this pack in the latest version of xsrb2.
*To advance from one course to the next, press spindash on the intermission screen!

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Old 04-15-2010   #2
Kyasarin's Avatar

I liked this pack.

The course design was generally nice and enjoyable. I liked the pick-up-and-play feeling it has.
Some of the ideas were pretty neat, such as the "sloped" sand that leads into pits, the fake floors, and the climbing areas. I liked the course in Sky Castle with the tower that you climb, the one where you go around little curves that slope into pits, and the half-pipe ones in particular. The bouncing-off-walls-over-pits idea was enjoyable as well.
I liked the shortcuts you put in the level, as they add replay value.
The levels were a bit on the easy side. A lot of the early ones can be gotten in one shot, and I've actually managed to do it on some of the ones in Detritus Desert (which I assume is based off of Monkey Ball). Moving objects and more "slopes" would be cool and can add more difficulty.
The music used was nice but I thought they were unfitting. The desert in particular had an unfitting song because it doesn't have the "wide, endless desert" feel that Super Monkey Ball did, which made the music fit so well in that game. Turquoise Ocean didn't capture the "big ocean" feel the Monkey Target song carries, and Sky Castle didn't feel very haunted.
The scenery was a bit lacking. Adding more hills and islands in the background can make things feel more expansive, because, as of now, things feel pretty closed-in. Things didn't feel very atmospheric and felt bland sometimes because of this. More texture variation and Thing scenery could help.
The boss courses were pretty lame. It's even more repetitive than the usual boss fight would be, so I simply didn't bother with them and skipped them. I'd recommend removing them.

Overall, this course has some nice designs and hazards, but it's a bit too easy and lacking in scenery. I recommend removing the bosses. I'd also like it if you had the "Zones" go for eighteen holes.
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Old 04-15-2010   #3

So far its looking good but if you miss your jump (the one before the springs) on sky castle course 2 you can get stuck since the OB doesn't work well.
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Old 04-15-2010   #4
I hate this username :(
darkbob1713's Avatar

Originally Posted by Alex2608 View Post
So far its looking good but if you miss your jump (the one before the springs) on sky castle course 2 you can get stuck since the OB doesn't work well.
What hole number is this?
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Old 04-15-2010   #5
Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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This pack is very good for 20 days.

The only problem is the bosses,first see if you can tweak the bosses so you aren't in constant danger of getting killed. (Fire alot less like every 30 sec or more).

Second,(Eggman with and without the spikeballs) See if you can make the boss have as much mobility as Sonic does. Have Eggman "running away" is frustrating.

Third, (Sea Eggman) Pinpoint boss fights are no good! It is also VERY frustrating "angle-ing" the shot the use just the right power then hope the angle and power hits the spring all in 2 secs (Since he fires so fast.)
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Old 04-15-2010   #6

Originally Posted by darkbob1713 View Post
What hole number is this?
Sky Castle hole #2
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