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Lord Almighty
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Default The Ear Worm Thread

Originally Posted by The Tv Tropes article for "Ear Worm"
"Ear Worms (from the German phrase Ohrwurm) are those songs that weasel their way into your head like uninvited guests and then proceed to stink up the inside of your cranium by playing themselves there over. And over. And over. And over. They're those songs that just get stuck in your head, and no amount of screaming, pounding, protesting, and banging your head into your desk will get them out. They will check out any time you like, but they will never leave. Someone infected with an Ear Worm may find themselves prone to bursting out into the song in inappropriate places, tugging at their ears in fury, and can end up distracted in the middle of conversation (or other important activities) by the continuous snatches of song wavering between their ears. And it's only a matter of time before, like Darryl Revok, they drill a hole in their forehead to let the voices out."
By the way, that article also has some particularly interesting examples.

So what song is miserably stuck in your head, endlessly looping without any hope of it ever ending? What is relentlessly torturing your ear drums with it's insanely catchy melody? The main purpose of this thread is the ambition to share melodies within the community in hope of becoming better acquainted with particularly good music.

What's your musical drug?

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Old 07-19-2011   #2

Panic Puppet Act 1 from Sonic 3D: Flickies Island Mega Drive version.

I want to grab a few birds and try to make them follow me in a straight line because of that. =/
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Down In It
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I have a terribly bad fondness for the Rayman theme, Sliding All the Way Down. It makes me feel good inside like cherished childhood memories.
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Makka na Chikai:

Song comes from a rather generic (but at least self-aware and amusing) shonen anime, but fuck if it isn't catchy as hell and it goes through your head massively like a good television show opening is designed to do.
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Pretty chill guy
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Not to further perpetuate the "brony" thing, but to be honest, "Winter wrap up, winter wrap uuuuuuuuup!"

Dear god, this song WOULD NOT get out of my head for a solid week. The only way I really got rid of it was to learn the damn thing on the piano.

Oh! And this!
Katamari on the Rocks. This is the catchiest song in the world. Seriously.
Endless Mine - Piano Cover (First one on youtube!)

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ms reflec beat stan
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To further perpetuate the "brony" thing, there's this. I've had to stop myself from singing it in public multiple times before.

He also does some of those toehoes things, for anyone here interested in those.
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
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it's lamp for supper, kids
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I've had a number of earworms in the past day, it's been driving me crazy.

For one, this song,
Was stuck in my head for a good few days a week or so ago. It drove me crazy, but I still like the song.

Then, this one:
That annoyed me, because of all the songs in this soundtrack I could get as an earworm, why did it have to be the one with retarded lyrics?

Lastly, I can't refrain from mentioning this one. Over the past few months, bits and pieces of this song
were floating around my head. The guy that writes these songs has a crazy way of mixing chiptune, progressive, ballad, gospel, electronic, and pretty much any other type of music you can think of. Of course, one of the novelties of his songs is the interesting way he sings. His voice wouldn't normally be considered a good singing voice by the silly popular culture, but instead of subscribing to those standards, he made his entirely own style. I've really never heard anything like it.
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Default Rage: "One Step Ahead"

Rage: "One Step Ahead" as an ear worm...

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Whenever I'm listening to the local Music channel, I always hear one or two songs that stick in my head so much I eventually look them up on Youtube and listen to them indefinitely.

Right now, it's this song.
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kyllian1212's Avatar

I warn you,THIS is horrible.

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I don't believe the hype
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Originally Posted by kyllian1212 View Post
I warn you,THIS is horrible.
Lol Nyan Cat.

Back to topic, probably my earworm was this music. It's so catchy as it's epic. :3
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Originally Posted by Majro
or maybe they simply walk at sucking

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Now with less viruses
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Right now "Want you gone" from Portal is in here too.
There should be some sort of witty signature comment here, but I can't think of one right now.

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Nightmare956 on Steam
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Static Shock's theme song. -end comment-
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Back from the dead
trentdude2's Avatar

Well its not exactly a song but every time I eat I hear this:

Is there something wrong with me?

This song gets stuck in my head too:

Just without the extra TF2 quotes
chaos..........SWISS ROLL

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footure semen
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Currently? I'd have to say Invaders Must Die, if only for this.

My last earworm would have to be the 3rd opening theme of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
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Winter wrap up, winter wrap uuuuuup.
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Old 07-20-2011   #17

There are a lot of songs that qualify as earworms to me.
(and that's not even all of them... I just picked one of each artist. and for the ocean/whatever users, every two words is one link.)

By the way, I'm pretty amazed that there is music linked here that doesn't have to do with internet memes/video games/anime.
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The unreliable judge
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This song, forever stuck in my head. No exceptions.
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Sergeant Brown
An Eggman Fan
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I get ear worms a lot. And mostly they are just random songs that appear on the TV or the radio -which are, needless to say, not very pleasing to me.
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Friendly lurker, I promise.
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I has the bunch... I keep humming them to myself, but my darn phone has this reallllyy small limit of Megabites I can transfer from my computer to it, go figure... They are mostly songs from Portal 2 (wee), Rayman and Sonic Colors' theme and final boss remix of it. Oh, and this (and other soundtracks from this game).
EDIT: Anyone else remembers Dexter's Lab while hearing the term "Ear Worm"? No? Just me...? :C
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