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Old 05-23-2010   #21
Cyan Ryan

Finishing any level while on a wall with Knuckles will cause you to fall off said wall while in the climbing sprite. This can be observed easily in boss levels and THZ2.

"Blanks", or white silhouettes, are becoming a major problem in netgames. I had to kick 2 out of my server and saw a server with five of them. They can also be killed repeatedly for free points in Match/CTF.

Is there anything specific that you or anyone does that triggers this? Does it happen after someone leaves/kicked/cfailed? -Jazz

Climbing onto an angled wall as Knuckles and then moving onto one that's flat does odd things. See DSZ1.

To clarify, this is a different bug than you reported. The green wall you climbed on has the noclimb flag and you actually shouldn't be able to climb on it at all. I fixed the map itself, but the other part of this bug is an executable problem. -Jazz

Grav-flipped rings, when collected, don't respawn properly.

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Old 05-23-2010   #22
Sun's Avatar

When you join a coop game with a certain amount of emeralds, then quit and go to a map through Level Select, the emeralds will carry over.

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Old 05-23-2010   #23
No way to find me
marcsancessoftware's Avatar

Well. Yesterday I joined some netgames (Co-op, CTF and Battle) and, I don't know why, sometimes the player stays in a position (different everytime: jumping, spindashing...) and the game freezes. Next the player dies and autorespawns on a totally different place.
Originally Posted by #srb2fun
<Phantom> and what of someone would use uh HTML5 to creat a new virus?
<Cue> I got 93, akirahedgehog. :3

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Old 05-23-2010   #24
The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

I don't think this is a "glitch"--in fact, it may actually be a correction to a glitch--but now, rings bounce on the surface of lava instead of falling under it. I actually kind of liked how it was before, when lava was solid to the player but not to rings; it increased the challenge.

Intentional. -Jazz


Here's another bad one. Every now and then, my camera spontaneously rotates 180 degrees. I use Analog Mode, by the way, in case it helps you to know that.

It's MFE's camera, resetting when it's up against a wall and can't see the player. ~Inuyasha
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Old 05-23-2010   #25
Cyan Ryan

Originally Posted by Mystic
- Fixed an issue where a lengthy CECHO could crash the game.
No you didn't. My game crashed (not a SIGSEGV, just "srb2win.exe has encountered a problem blah blah") when I did one.
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Old 05-23-2010   #26
Sun's Avatar

This may have been said before(and may not even be a bug), but dropped Emeralds noticeably have a very weird hitbox; the hitbox is thinner than when it is floating, and sometimes even when I walk over a dropped emerald, I won't pick it up. Also, Emeralds that fall into a pit respawn slower than when someone with Emeralds dies instantaneously.

The emerald sprite is offset so it's extremely low, so going under it can sometimes look like you're actually going through it. I tried extending the hitbox down some, which seemed to help, but perhaps it needs to go down a bit more... ~Inuyasha

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Old 05-23-2010   #27
Celebi's Avatar

This pic shows a much better example...the red emerald spawns correctly thanks to the fix while the blue does not.

Also another thing in Silver Cascade Zone that has been bugging me since 2.0

The blue base doesn't have a ring box there. :(

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Old 05-24-2010   #28
Emblem Radar Ready
glaber's Avatar

For some crazy reason this version can go into epilepsy mode.
Welcome to my Dimension

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Old 05-24-2010   #29
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar

Even if the console command runsoc fails to find the SOC file the user requested, it still sets off isgamemodified for no good reason.

It doesn't even output a file not found error message, either.

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Old 05-24-2010   #30
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar

The tall cliffs at the start of Castle Eggman Zone 1 are still (erroneously) death pits.

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Old 05-24-2010   #31
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar

In Castle Eggman Zone 2, if you push this switch, it doesn't go all the way down, but a flag earlier seen in the room remains looking like this:


If you push the other switch, it actually goes down all the way...

But then the flag turns into this.

---------- Post added at 08:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:18 PM ----------

These banners at the very start of Castle Eggman Zone 2 are still misplaced.

My guess is the flag happened because when the gate swing was removed, it had the same polyobject number as that flag and nobody bothered to remove the linedef executor that had it rotate. :> -Jazz

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Old 05-24-2010   #32
What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
SSNTails's Avatar

Originally Posted by Sonict View Post
HOMREMOVAL 0 <-- In the console. It got enabled because we thought it wasn't going to cause that much of a performance impact. It will be disabled next patch.
Protip: Record a demo, then play it back using TIMEDEMO to measure performance.
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Old 05-24-2010   #33
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar



Tails' emblem is unreachable with this layout.

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Old 05-25-2010   #34
Permanently Banned

Originally Posted by Phan†Ým View Post
Why?(Because OpenGL is not supported ktxhbye doesn't count)
It's not just because we don't support OpenGL. Isues with the OpenGL renderer itself are a different matter entirely.

It's because using the renderer at all can cause results that wouldn't normally occur if you were using software. For example, any EIPs reported from a sigsegv in OpenGL point to nonsense locations in the code, and we can't exactly diagnose a game crash when we don't have a lead. Now take that logic, and put it behind nearly every facet of SRB2 -- the netcode, the menu, the renderer, the gamelogic, et al -- and hopefully you'll start to understand why we don't accept those reports.

Now please, guys -- this topic is for REPORTS, not discussion. Save us some time going through this topic by only posting here if you're reporting an issue.

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Old 05-25-2010   #35
Autosaver's Avatar

Flag issue I was talking about

I don't see what is causing the slime trail, but considering the only time you can see it is flying up there, I don't want to expend effort trying to fix it. -Jazz

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Old 05-25-2010   #36

first error (GFZ1): Close to the spikes, the player can cross the wall using spin.

second error (in the corners of maps: THZ1 & 2 / DSZ1 & 2): When you stay in some corners on the walls (in fact many of these graphics errors are in many walls) this happens :

third error (DSZ3): When you spin in middle tube, you can cross and enter it(when the tube is in underwater, you need to be sonic, spin and thok in the middle tube, no diagonal):

fourth error (CEZ1, and perhaps CEZ2): when you spin at any FOF, you are cut in half or disappears:

In my defense, I nearly always play with chasecam off. But now that you point it out, this is quite odd. Will look into. -Jazz
EDIT 2: It happens on all FOFs, display offset is probably the culprit, not the maps themselves.

And the pillar that holds a FOF, if I use spin, I can enter it:

Need location(s.) -Jazz

EDIT2: Here are the locaton of the pillars,I do not remember which pillar was, but I'm sure it is some of these:

EDIT: Some levels have no changes and now, it causes a bit of lag. And in some levels like DSZ have toooo many lag.
Spazzo edit: Please enable DEVMODE (if you're in single player) before taking screens next time. Thanks!

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Old 05-25-2010   #37
123 Runite
Wait for it... *BANG*
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Through the use of linedef executors, attempting to lower/raise the floor/ceiling levels of an Intangible FOF (Effect: 202) control sector that contains a gargoyle will do nothing.

Example wad done in much haste:
~123 Runite

The large, "epic" single player level, Oceanic Cove Zone is released here. I humbly encourage you to view it. If you've played through it, please get comments going! This will help me. Thanks.
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Old 05-25-2010   #38
Jazz's Avatar

Well folks, the IWAD crusade has begun. The following was done today:

  • Thickened the thok barrier around the spikes, you shouldn't be able to spindash through it anymore.
  • Fixed a (rather ugly) broken sector.
  • Slightly changed the shape of the broken fountain at the level start, as you could run straight through its low walls. (Still not 100% fixed, needs work.)
  • Fixed the zoom tube near the emerald token from not always working on the first try. (Not 100% sure yet, need to test more)
  • Made the center pipe in DSZ3 slightly thicker as one could thok spin through it.
  • Fixed some cliffs in CEZ1 that were set as death pits.
  • Fixed some rings that had the wrong offset.
  • Fixed a button not going down all the way.
  • Fixed a set of three flags being in a stupid location.
  • Fixed a waving polyobject flag being rotated to the right upon one of the buttons being hit.
  • Fixed some rings not having their float flag checked.
Planning on doing more tomorrow, so keep the bug reports coming. [demoman]We'll glue SRB2's levels back together, in hell.[/demoman]
Or, alternatively from the comfort of our computer chairs, take your pick. Thank you for your cooperation.
Now that's a real game logo.

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Old 05-25-2010   #39
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar

Alright, let's get this thing going.

Greenflower Zone 1: The weird way this tunnel is made leads to things like this. Why can't it just be an FOF?

Deep Sea Zone 1: The sector for the pillars doesn't have water in it, so when they recede, it creates holes in the water, like so.

Deep Sea Zone 2: The water in this sector (and this sector alone, apparently) doesn't scroll at all, but the current still works.

Castle Eggman Zone 1: This railing is weird. It's solid in thin air, and when you move a bit further (but still before you reach the actual railing texture) you fall down, and are then able to walk right through the texture.

Arid Canyon 1:

In this stack of rope pulleys, only the bottommost scrolls its flats.

The flats on this rope (only the left side, the one Knuckles is hanging onto) don't scroll properly along with the sides.

The leftmost line visible in the top pulley in this screenshot doesn't scroll.

And in this rope, it's the right side whose flats don't scroll properly.

The top of the beams supporting these pulleys are death pits.

Oh, let me tell you about these three ropes that go off the main path. None of their flats scroll properly, and the first pulley right off the bat has no scrolling in a random number of lines.

But then this is what happens when you jump on them halfway in! It doesn't always happen, but it happens frequently enough to be a hassle. The player is slowly dragged to the next pulley, then they start following the rope correctly again.

These next three ropes don't scroll their flats correctly either. At the first intersection there are also a few lines which don't scroll.

The very last rope has the same problem as the three above: landing on them halfway in frequently leads to warping off to the side, then slowly returning to course.

Once the ropes get to the point where they're over the hole, they stop scrolling.

Egg Rock Zone 1:

There is a fault in the conveyor belt room you find through the left path. Linedefs 2611 and 2823 are Special Sector Parameters, but they don't actually set anything due to an oversight. Both these lines should have Effect 4 checked so that the tagged sectors' ceilings become death pits like the floors.

If you get under (over?) this FOF, gravity starts flipping constantly and you never touch the hole and die.

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Old 05-25-2010   #40
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar

Egg Rock Zone 2:

Three tiny spots which should be death pits but aren't.

These two sectors are only death pits, and aren't affected by the Space Countdown FOF that spans the rest of the room.

Neo Aerial Garden Zone:

Missing texture in the Tails/Knuckles path.

Mystic never finished porting NAGZ to 2.0, so this is mostly lvlconv's fault. Even when you press both switches, the bars go away, but the wall at the back doesn't. It's intangible, though, so you can go right through it and reach the Mystic Temple...

Which attempts to load a script that no longer exists. This should be removed in order to prevent unexpected behaviour when a user-made script is added to the game.

The switches themselves make a weird sound: they were supposed to play the Zelda jingle, which was only in Mystic Realm, and in 2.0 they erroneously play a random S3&K sound. It should either be removed or changed to a more fitting (and louder) sound. (There are two sets of switches, two open the room with the Mystic Temple shown above, four others open a room full of goodies.)

These bars, though, they can never go away. The location of the switch that's supposed to remove them...

...has been usurped by some technicolor furry, I imagine, leaving the alternate exit inacessible. Please take the bars away. :<

Emerald Coast Zone (MAP72): Missing GFZGRASS borders on the Star Post sectors.

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