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Old 01-25-2009   #61
That guy who does things
ZeldaGamer00's Avatar

A flag pass key, and when the other player gets the flag, have a message saying "Player 1 passed the flag to Player 2!"

Spazzo edit: There's already a flag toss key...
ZG00 edit: Removed the teamsay so everybody can see it.
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Old 01-26-2009   #62
BlueZero4's Avatar

In 2D mode, it would be awesome if the camera could move left and right via mouselook, much like how it can already be moved now for up and down. Essentially, I think having the camera move/tilt/turn atomically while running would get annoying, so having the function available manually would be much easier to use. Plus, you could use it while you're not moving to get a lay of the land.

Also, something that bugs me is that when you hit the "reset camera" button, the camera doesn't center behind the player. This wouldn't be a problem normally, except that using an FPS control scheme and then using the "turn camera" buttons makes it impossible to play correctly. Having "reset camera" center the camera behind the player would also be amazing for analog mode so that we can control the camera without using the "turn camera" button.

Oh, it would also be nice to have an option that made the mouse function similar to the how the right stick functions in many platformers. But now I'm just asking too much, aren't I?
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Old 01-26-2009   #63
Autosaver's Avatar

Log IP numbers of people that join the server.
So you can ban IP from server.....I think
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Old 01-26-2009   #64
Just taking a break
MotorRoach's Avatar

The possibility of make characters unlockables in mods (except in servers), example, unlock Shadow by finishing any stage or get a certain number of emblems, that would be nice for SRB2 Riders and SSBSS
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Old 01-29-2009   #65
arnold_the_bartender's Avatar

The ability to look up nodes so if someone uses your same username on purpose in-game you can kick/ban them by their respective nodes.

Spazzo Edit: Already exists. Type NODES in the console.

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Old 01-30-2009   #66
Cyan Ryan

Why don't we make it like in CoD where if someone's typing or changing options, something appears above their head, or it says "PLAYERNAME is typing..."
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Old 01-30-2009   #67
Resisting Pony Avatar
Violo's Avatar

A HD mode for SRB2. Only available to higher resolutions like 1024x768 and higher. Usually, the pixels are four times bigger in game then when we put them in. If there are larger sprites in game which are their normal size, then it would look better in-game. there are some other things that could be in HD mode, but I'll talk about that later. It's only to make 1024x768 resolution users to take advantage about it.

Spazzo Edit: You seem to be forgetting the kind of time constraint we're under...OpenGL is the closest you're getting to this, period.

VioloEdit (=D): I know, I know. I didn't mean make one now, but it would be good to make it look better if you know what I mean. It would be a good mod.

Spazzo Edit: If you can make the mod, by all means. We just won't be implementing this in SRB2ME anytime soon.
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Old 01-31-2009   #68
Ich bin der Verrucktmann
Jurai_Madman's Avatar

Give the Techno Hill Zone boss its own music slot, and why not all the others while you're at it.

Spazzo Note: We have boss music for a reason. We aren't going to make a new track for each boss.
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Old 02-02-2009   #69

maybe we need like a... high score list for the game (and mods, if the creator wants) and maybe you can send the score and best time attack online (cheat codes and god menus will disable the high score and time attack feature. custom charaters still have a chance to place their name in the high score list. a pic that says "CuStOm" next to the name will tell players if a custom character had got their name in the high score list.).

and there should be a sa mode for single player. (i know it is implemented in the game, but i was thinking about something to toggle on and off. enabling it will restart the gameplay. also, players can gain abilities if they can collect chaos emeralds.)

take your pick. they are merely suggestions.
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Old 02-02-2009   #70
Bouncey's Avatar

Make it so if you are using MD2s while using a hack that replaces sprites if the sprite that is being replaced already has a MD2 then make it so the MD2 dosen't appear durring then there will still be MD2's over the sprites that haven't been replaced.
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Old 02-02-2009   #71
Morph's Avatar


Changes the current state of a specific object.

var1: object that changes it's current state
var2: new state number to be changed to

Spazzo Edit: No bold, please.
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Old 02-02-2009   #72
Senku Niola
Drifting Golden Swordsman
Senku Niola's Avatar

Hmm.. I still wish actionspd 0 would NOT disable all speed, but it would just do the ability, make the noise, and spawn an object. All other numbers would act odd under this idea, Sonic running at full speed then thoking, 96 speed = no. So maybe actionspd 0 ONLY goes under this type of thing, or even a new S_SKIN flag abilitymomen = 0/1, 0 would make the ability add to the character's momentum, 1 would use the abilitie's momentum.
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Old 02-05-2009   #73
blargen's Avatar

Debug mode.

Spazzo edit: OBJECTPLACE ON...?
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Old 02-09-2009   #74
The Daily Browser
Daywalker's Avatar

-A way to change the falling speed of a platform if you are trying to make logs or another objects to jump on to reach a area that is mandatory to get to in a level

-An crane object that carries characters while following a set path

-An enemy that shoots a bomb in a arch which explodes on contact with anything and a different version which aims for your location
-A way to change the speed that a object goes when it is being pushed

-An enemy that shoots a slow homing missle that disappear after a while

-A flamethrowing object that spews fire from the walls or floor for a few seconds then stops then a few seconds later start back up

-An security enemy which if it spots you it shoots at you with deadly accuracy

-An enemy that roll torwards you when it can see you

-Maybe a boss in NiGHTs mode
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Old 02-09-2009   #75
ArchPack developer
Ezer.Arch's Avatar

Kaysakado had said, "when a flag is captured, make it appear in the console as well as CECHO'd, for logs. Or actually, just make anything CECHO'd appear in the console".

I'd say: when the "last" flag is captured, make it appear on screen like others that were captured too.

Say, the POINTLIMIT is 5, today if you mark 1st~4th point, the "<player> captured the blue/red flag" is CECHOed, if you mark 5th point you are forgotten. It's a bit frustrating you marking the last point that makes your team win and your name doesn't appear on screen like other players did.

What I propose would be: if you mark the last point, the game gets frozen, CECHO shows up for X seconds, and goes to the Results.
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Old 02-11-2009   #76
Goes by Kirboy in netgames
Srb2kirbyo's Avatar

Super sonic sprites of him breathing a air bubble.
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Old 02-11-2009   #77
Monster Iestyn
Monster Iestyn's Avatar

A scorpion enemy for Arid Canyon Zone.
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Old 02-11-2009   #78
Permanently Banned
Default ...

I think they should add new unlockable characters like Shadow,amy and cream
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Old 02-11-2009   #79
Permanently Banned

Ok. I need to make something clear here.

No, we are not adding any new characters to SRB2. I'd appreciate it if people would stop asking that.

Finishing Knuckles is tough enough as it is.
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Old 02-12-2009   #80
cheap spirit

Unicode support?
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