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Originally Posted by cookiefonster View Post
I really don't understand this whole thing of responding to old announcement threads and starting discussions on them, especially as old as 2017. Can't these old threads just be left alone?
Recently one for a post from 2010 (when the latest version was 2.0.X!) was done in 2020.
It said:
SRB2 looking good! Can't wait for 2.1!
The thread got quickly locked.
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Shapeshifter Boi
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Oh so... the annoucements are locked if they're old enough, makes sense
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Monster Iestyn
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Well, no, we didn't lock the thread for age reasons per se. We (or rather, I) locked it only because it had been bumped ten years later, in such a way that it was going to confuse everyone who wasn't around when the announcement was first made.

There is probably an argument to be made for locking threads where discussion has not taken place for years, if only to discourage people from accidentally finding it and replying to it without reading the last post's date. But it's probably more effort than it's worth to retroactively apply that on vBulletin at least.
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this may just be a case where playing wack-a-mole is the easier option.
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