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I've been around the wild srb2 ride since 2.0. Thing is, I've only really started participating in the public stuff when 2.2 hit the digital shelves, so I was pretty much oblivious to this stuff for a long time.
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Following up on my previous post about mental health resources:

There's a new Games and Online Harassment Hotline to provide emotional support over text message. It's staffed by trained counselors who are well-versed in gaming communities. To talk, text SUPPORT to 23368. See Ars Technica article.

Once again:
  • If you're in need of remote counseling, research BetterHelp and similar services.
  • For discounts on counseling services, research OpenPath Collective.
  • For government mental health services, dial 211 in the US.
  • For suicide hotlines, review this international list and FAQs.
  • Or, you can use the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741.
  • Or, as above, use the Games Hotline by texting SUPPORT to 23368.
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Monster Iestyn
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Originally Posted by Simon_T View Post
Oh... So why can't I DL Mystic Realm from his page? It keeps throwing some MB error mesaage at me
I honestly fail to remember if it was already mentioned in this thread, but I can explain why this happened, since it's sort of relevant to the discussion about Mystic himself.

At the time Mystic decided to leave the community, he posted what he'd done of the new version of Mystic Realm to Submissions. But at the same time, he tried to (I quote) use "the last of [his] useful influence" to fight the file naming convention to force it to change, which he did by naming his released file in the way he preferred. This did not work, and the submission was rejected.

The main link to the file on the Mystic Realm website is a direct link to the attachment for his Mystic Realm release thread. However, since it is currently in Rejected Releases, nobody but himself and judges can currently download it from that link. Obviously Mystic assumed there was some chance of it getting through despite going against conventions.

Really that whole scenario could possibly be considered another example of Mystic's unacceptable behaviour, which is why I feel it is *kind of* relevant to this discussion.

Also yes, Mystic was not banned from the forums, he just simply left them.
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