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Dave Lite
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I rather sonic generations. Because it have SA1 level. *Zoidberg on run* ok I will stop jesus you are so against me. -- SA1 just because of lightning. Also Adventure style is overused.
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Old 09-02-2017   #22

Originally Posted by Murilo View Post
Which one is better? The Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure or the posterior console version of the same game called Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut?
Mine is hard to decide because Dreamcast has the better atmosphere and sounds while DX has the better mechanical overalls. I'd better stick with BetterSADX alongside with PkR's brilliant Dreamcast Conversion mod.
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I prefer the features added in sadx but the models in sadc were better
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SADX. In my opinion about SADX, not only I like it because of nostalgia (that's like the tiniest part of my opinion lmao), but because, even if I played and completed it multiple times, it's still fun to play the game. It's the perfect 3D Sonic game for me. Fun levels, fun playstyles. Except Amy, Big and Gamma of course. I would have say that they are okay if they would be more fun. SA1 graphics are definitely better than SADX's ones, but SADX has the best controls (plus the Free Camera thing).
I'm trying to complete SA1 rn and the controls feel.... weird. When I hold forward, I'm starting to turn left! It also has those (a bit) long loading times what I did not except. Plus the cutscenes can't be skipped. I didn't really care about the Mini Game Collection (and TehRealSalt is right, you could just boot up an emulator for those old goodies), however I always played SADX's chao garden more than SA2's. It was so fun using Fusion's Chao Editor with it.
I also like SADX's models, but SA1's models are daaaaaamn gooood. I am okay with both versions graphics, but SA1's is better than SADX.
TL;DR SA1 for visuals, SADX for gameplay. So if I would want to play the actual perfect version of SADX, I would play it with the Dreamcast mods (just remove Big, then make Amy & Gamma more fun and give Metal Sonic an actual good moveset instead of Sonic's lol). Better visuals, while still the same good old controls.
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Warrior from Algol
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Originally Posted by Dave Lite View Post
Also Adventure style is overused.
How? This style wasn't used since 2008 when Modern Sonic used the boost style.
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The PC version of SADX with BetterSADX and the Dreamcast Conversion is the best way to play the game imo. I hate SADX's lack of lighting and its washed out textures and missing effects and the Dreamcast Conversion fixes all of that. The original game had so much more color and personality in its environments. I also like SA1's models a bit better but it's much less of a sticking point for me than the other stuff.

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Warrior from Algol
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Honestly modded SADX PC is the better choice.

But I would like if it got a Classic Sonic mod plus a mod that makes you only play as Sonic so you don't have to play as the other 5 characters to see the end of the game.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #27
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i have to admit i prefer SADX over SA1. i do believe that its very buggy, and also the dreamcast textures and lighting are a lot better, but i much prefer the DX models, i dont think mission mode is that bad and the fact theres an actual game gear emulator in the game is awesome. and also nothing beats that loud menu screen. Classique(tm), you might say

and also no offense but the dreamcast chao gardens suck. i like the race lobby but the garden themselves are kinda bad lol
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Boi the third
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SA1, for SURE
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