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Default The Classic Tracks You Love

Ladies and gents, I'm curious: What are your favorite musical tracks in... uh... videogamedom?

Myself, I've always been partial to the mesmerizing vocals of Palmtree Paradise, Wario Land 4...

...Conversely, this ear-piercer from Sonic Spinball is one my personal favorites...

...And who doesn't love the majestic theme of Tal Tal Heights, from Link's Awakening?

I'll probably post more later on, but for now: What's your favorite videogame music?
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Little Djermy
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Personally, I'm a fan Daisuke Ishiwatari's intense tunes (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue), but my charts are topped by the always recurring theme of Super Mario Bros. That song in particular always gets me.
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I like your attitude!
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Shantae (GBC) Burning Town:

This song really makes you feel like you're in Shantae's universe, with the Arabian Theme and all. And it has a catchy beat to it too.

Mega Man 9 (Wii) Hornet Man:

This song is really upbeat, and it makes you keep going, sort of like you're playing a puzzle game, and racing against the clock.
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Emblem Radar Ready
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Lately I've been discovering old C64 and Amiga music.
Such as:
The Last Ninja: Main theme
Last Ninja 2: Central Park
Great Giana Sisters: Title Menu
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Default - World Revolution from Chrono Trigger. Most epic boss battle music ever made. The whole game's soundtrack is pretty phenomenal. To Far Away Times is another brilliant example:

And of course...Terra's Theme:

I find it amazing how certain chiptunes give me an emotional response. This still hits me like a ton of bricks even to this day:
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Sonic CD. Both versions.

Yes, all of it.
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Anything done by the Follin Bros., probably responsible for some of the best NES/SNES soundtracks ever.

Silver Surfer - BGM I
Spider Man & X-Men: Arcade's Revenge - Gambit's Theme

Or perhaps Manabu Namiki's work on many shmups such as Mushihimesama Futari, which in my opinion has the best music in a vertical shooter.

Mushihimesama Futari - Stage 2
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a scar in time...
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Most of the Chrono Cross Soundtrack
People Imprisoned by Destiny - Very sad touching song. If you read the story in the game this song has a lot more meaning.
Time's Scar - The most amazing opening I've heard to any game. It starts out slow and calm, but not for long. I love the violin :P
Life~ A Far Away Promise
Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel
Many others

They're all very touching if you read the story. It has a lot of philosophy in it. Often the game deals with the question "What if I had...?" - it deals with long lost dreams and hopes. The soundtrack perfectly brings out the more meaningful aspects of the story.

Final Fantasy VI
Terra's Theme

Chrono Trigger
To Far Away Times

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Obamasnow Fan-- With a Hat
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Ah yeah, it´s definitely gotta be the Sega-CD remixed version of a Golden Axe theme ¨Battlefield¨.

It was renamed to ¨Boss theme¨ for some reason in Sega CD, you gotta listen to the whole music to actually enjoy it.
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Community Noise Maker
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Originally Posted by MasterJace View Post
I found this through another forum I frequented for a little while. Pretty amazing.

Being the videogame music connoisseur that I am, I'm not going to list all the songs I like since it'd take at least an hour or two. The classic Megaman series has good stuff though, as well as Kirby, Bomberman, and, of course, retro Sonic. As for individual games, especially the more obscure ones:

Bucky O' Hair
Super Bomberman 2 (I have a lot of respect for this soundtrack, especially considering I played the game since I was a baby; Stage 1 is inarguably one of my favorite tunes of all time)
Bomberman 64
Bomberman Hero (This one's strange. I'm not sure what genre this goes under, maybe drum 'n' bass, and it's not one of my particular favorites, but it's noteworthy regardless for its rather unorthodox soundtrack)
Dynamite Headdy
Rocket Knight Adventures
Sparkster (Both version, but not to the extent of their predecessor)
Megaman 5 (I don't give a damn what anyone says. All of the classic MM games had good music besides 4, but 5 remains my top favorite)
Megaman Network Transmission
Chameleon Twist 2 (Sky Land, holy ****)
Yoshi's Island
Sonic Mega Collection (Damn shame this wasn't a full soundtrack; the sounds from this would fit perfectly in a retro Sonic game)
Turtles in Time (Sewer Surfing, obviously, but I like Prehistoric Turtlesaurus as well)
Pikmin 1 and 2 (This one's unique in the sense that the instruments used in the songs change based on what's going on at the moment. I feel the first soundtrack was more well-crafted, but they're both very commendable)
Chrono Trigger
Zelda GBC games (Overworld theme is hands down the best version from any Zelda game)
Paper Mario series (TTYD is the best, but they all deserve credit, even Super Paper Mario)

I could go on.

I also listen to plenty of arrangements of songs, depending on the execution and genre. I like variety and unique sound more than anything, but if a song or album is a combination of electronica, jazz, and rock, then I'm all over it.

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Neon Knight
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My preferred music usually changes as soon as I get a new game, but there are some songs that stick around. It's usually the songs with a catchy and easy-to-remember tune.

Nights - Most all the level and some boss themes from the original Saturn game, and from JoD, there's Crystal Choir, Crystal Choir - Jewel Fever, Queen Bella's Ball, and Cruising Together (GOD that was a kick of awesomeness when it kicked in for the first time).

Rayman 1 - Band Land

The Incredible Machine 3.0 - Progressive


Blast Doors - OLD game, soundtrack's just MIDI files, but still awesome. Find it and download it, 'tis a fun old game.

Sonic Rush - Back 2 Back, Ethno Circus, What U Need, Wrapped in Black (NINJA yes.), and Raisin' Me Up. The fact that Blaze had her own (usually more awesome) versions of the level themes is one of the reasons she's my favorite Sonic character. If only she had been given her own theme song... Vela Nova, while awesome, just isn't enough.

Katamari - Why the ninja have I not mentioned this? Nearly every theme from this game and it's sequels have been stuck in my head. Strangely, it's the iDOLM@STER theme Danketsu (featured in Beautiful Katamari) that I just can't get rid of.

Sonic Riders ZG - When I first heard those opening chords blasting through my speakers on my first visit to the site before the game was released, well... I dunno. Just. Um.

SRB2 - Tunes 40 and 109 (as of SRB2ME) inspired me to find the original song, while Tunes 145, Mystic Realm Zone, is just awesome. Who composed it, again? I can't remember if it was Mystic or someone else.

And finally, from that cruddy Bard's Tale game (2005 version, I believe), we have Beer Beer Beer.

Like I said, songs with a catchy and easy-to-remember tune are what I usually end up listening to.
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Originally Posted by SpaceKGreen
The Incredible Machine 3.0 - Progressive
Damn dude... I remember that game! It's very hard, and yet so much fun!

Anyway, I like both versions of Sonic CD's music, but overall, I prefer the American soundtrack, as much as that tends to go against popular opinion. I don't think I'm saying anything new, but those individual tracks tend to better fit the atmospheres of the levels and time periods.

That said, my absolute favorite track of Sonic CD is The PAL version of Collision Chaos Present. It's incredibly catchy, and just screams early 90's nostalgia, so it's all good for me. Honorable mentions of the PAL soundtrack include Wacky Workbench Present, and Stardust Speedway Good Future.

My favorite track on the American side would have to be Stardust Speedway Bad Future. It goes perfectly with the time period's visuals, and is great for the race against Metal Sonic. My only complaint is that it doesn't loop very gracefully.

And then, this. I love catchy, annoying songs.
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I like The Dollmaker of Bucuresti.
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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
The whole game's soundtrack is pretty phenomenal. To Far Away Times is another brilliant example:

Secret of Mana: Fond Memories

Donkey Kong Country 2: Stickerbush Symphony

I'll post others later.
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Scout/N. Gin Ear in Netgame
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My favorite music has to come from the Crash Bandicoot franchise such as:
Rock It/Pack Attack (CB2), Warproom/Map (CB1-CTR), Death Routes(CB2-CBW), and Final Boss (CBW).

Honorable mentions go to: Spyro the Dragon music, Ape Escape, and the Mario series.

Edit:Doh, How I forget SRB2, S3K and Spinball? Toxic caves ftw

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Sonic CD (jpn/eu): Palmtree panic
Sonic CD (usa): Sonic Boom
Touhou 6: Owen was her (bit overrated I know)(i'm think I'm missing somethere)
Touhou 8: the title (i have no hell of a clue whats its called)
Touhou 12: A tiny,tiny clever commander
Super Mario 64: Final Bowser
Megaman X5: Duff McWhale (bubble crab remix)
Sonic R: Livin' in the city
Megaman 3: Title
Megaman 2: Airman
Megaman 9: Splash Woman
Pokemon Platinum: Giratina's Theme
(need to think of more)
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Originally Posted by Luminous View Post
Total agreement. This song is just so calm and relaxing, and just great overall.

But here are some others I like:

Sonic CD - Tidal Tempest Present (JP/EU)
This song is just so atmospheric...

Sonic CD - Palmtree Panic Bad Future (JP/EU)
Speedy, catchy, and it really sounds like a bad future.

Sonic CD - Tidal Tempest Bad Future (NA)
This song, just like the present JP/EU version of it, is extremely atmospheric. Not really like a bad future, but still extremely awesome.

Megaman II - Wily's Stage 1
Just catchy as hell, and it sounds increndibly good for 8-bit music.

Sonic (3) & Knuckles - Sky Sanctuary
Freaking awesome melody. I just love this track.

These are not all, but I can't come up with others right now...
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Sonic CD (JPN):Everything
Sonic R:livin' in the city.
S&K (3):Lava Reef,Death Egg,Flying battery,The Doomsday.
Chrono Trigger:Everything.
Final Fantasy VI:Terra's theme ,Decisive Battle.
Sonic Robo Blast 2 :p
Sonic the Fighters :North Wind (Sonic vs Knuckles),Metal Sonic Battle,Super Sonic theme,Tails Battle.
Street Of Rage (1&3):The most of the soundtrack.
Final Fantasy VII:Some good tracks.
Shadow The Hedgehog:Some good tracks.
Sonic Gems Collection:All the museum tracks.
Incomplete list,to be finished...

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a bee
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Hell March.
I don't know Japanese, so I'll type my snobby elitist kanji here later.
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All of Puyo Puyo's music, including this one.
However, Most people may recognize that the music is also from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, only with few differences.
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