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Old 07-05-2016   #41
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As part of a site cleanup a while back I asked AJ if he wanted to keep them around at this point, as they were both dead. He had no problems with dropping them so he backed up the topics he wanted to keep and we removed them.

Nothing remotely exciting, just removing unused stuff for the most part.
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Old 07-05-2016   #42
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I came in on 09/14/2005 but didn't become more active until a year later. At least, that's what the search results tell me (Post search only goes to 2012).

Looking back at some of my topics, I guess I could say that in a way SRB2 the Past is the oldest project I have by virtue of using pre-ported maps from one of my first ever projects.
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Old 07-05-2016   #43
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Considering I came December 2007, left around April 2008... Then came back Summer 2013 with another account (do you expect me to remember Jacklekku's password all these years later), vanished again... And came back this June...

not that long lol

I deleted my 2013 posts because they were pretty bad lol (I was going through my edgy teen phase)
I kept the shmups thread since people actually posted there
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Old 07-05-2016   #44
Formerly Icefox
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Joined the forums in 2013, but got a full year ban in 2014 due to my immaturity and came back in 2015. I've been playing Srb2 since the final demo era and started to play more netgames in the 2.0 era.

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Old 07-09-2016   #45
its a small world
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8 years ago, but only joined now last month...
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Old 07-17-2017   #46
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I started playing SRB2 around the final demo era and I didn't start playing online until early 2.1. It wasn't until a few months ago that I finally decided to join the forums. If you played Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, then you might understand how I felt.
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Old 07-17-2017   #47
Man of the Hour
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I have joined 2016 September, and i also started playing srb2 in the final demo as well, i tried the netgames option on 2.6 got in a laggy server and felt uncomfortable and left, and i thought it was dangerous so i didn't touch it anymore(i was a kid that time), when 2.1 came, i grew up(11 years old by that time), then i finally decided to unravel this netgame mystery, that is how i joined netgames.

I was still a newbie at netgames and i lacked some wads i was in the and see if they have a link or something that they keep all of their wads, and i just noticed the forums now. The forums were very useful and helped me.

In 2016, i decided to visit the Mb often for any new posts, when i saw discussion threads, help threads and criticism threads(Probably Editing) i was a bit interested in it. This is where i tried to join the MB, and i did. I read the rules and i tried posting, tho i was still new, i only bugged toaster and boinciel for help( like images and how the submission works) , and here i am, without a single infraction.
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Old 07-18-2017   #48
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I first started visiting around July or August 2016, thanks to the 1.09 manual my cousin had in his 2.0.7 srb2 folder, which is how I found out this was still going. I officially joined in late November of 2016.
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Old 07-20-2017   #49
Left this community (2019).
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I can vaguely remember playing 1.09 in around 2009, but I didn't start netplaying until 2013 at age 9 as the infamous Bun, and I was encouraged to join the forums in late 2015.
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Old 07-24-2017   #50
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Probably around two years on here. I started late. Found some youtube videos and ended up on finding this place.
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Old 03-26-2018   #51
The Sin Heartless
Sanity? What's that?

I showed up in 2017 and started reappearing and disappearing from time to time. I really don't have a community I can say that I'm part of due to my tendencies to keep myself free and unattached from modern people. I'm also quite isolated in RL. (That and the SMBX forums' 1.4.4 vs 2.0 shenanigans. Made me wary of the influental people possibly puppeteering people to attack those who oppose their opinions instead of talking it out.)

Do I regret my decision to show up here? Not exactly, but there's a possibility of this turning out like my experiences with SMBX forums. I have a game project of my own to deal with, so if anything nasty happens here, I will probably cut my ties with this place and cover my involvement. I'm not going to take any risks.
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