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Freaky Factory- 6/10
The idea is there, but the level is so confusing and cramped it just doesn't work properly, this is not the right way to prevent a thokfest. Also, if you happen to die (which will happen quite often) You might not upside down near the upside down checkpoint, which can totaly screw you over. Plus, when gravity flipped, the physics aren't the greatest, either.

Bleeding Green- 5/10
For starters, the checkpoints don't span across the entire field to garantee that you hit it, so most people will be going out of their way to snag that checkpoint that they just happend to miss. The tunnel with the acid seems like it's just there to make Sonic slow down, and if you just walk around it, you'll miss a checkpoint, so you have to go there anyway.

Quicksand Night- 7/10
Minor flaws that wreck the level, the first set of moving platforms slow Sonic up, if you had used springs, this map could have been really balanced for all three chracters. The second set didn't even have to move to be useful, but you decided to let it move anyway, which, again, broke the flow of the race. I like the rising quicksand though.

Not a Thokfest- 8/10
I swear, all this community does is complain, while the level is way too long for a race, and it looks ugly, it is a good example of how unique race maps can be, but instead of thinking of something unique, people decide to make a race map based on how little Sonic can spam his thok.

Sky Castle- 4/10
This just...isn't really good, the area after the first straight is alright, but that's really the only good that comes to mind.

Also, why you would put a maze in a race is beyond me.

Digital Demension- 8/10
This was fun, the last theme could have had a bit more detail, but and the spikes need to be lower so we don't go rushing into them on accident. The first transition, however, can kill a lot of trigger happy players who don't realise that they have to jump right over to the next platform, so you might want to change that.

Crimson Caves- 7/10
Make the falling lava just a bit shorter so it doesn't break the flow of the race. I also like that the monitors are not in some flat area in the corner of the level, and you don't have to go out of your way to grab it. It's right there when you need it, now, if only they would respawn...

SP later maybe.
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Jadeflower Zone 3/10

Water Works Zone 6/10

Cloud Cradle Zone 4/10

Moonlit Mountain Zone 9/10

Fire Flight Zone 4/10

Lava Rock Zone 0/10

Dark Forest Zone 1/10
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It would be more helpful for the mappers if you gave some actual feedback instead of just ratings.
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There's no rule against doing so, though, since after all it's the numbers that are going to dictate the winner in the end.

Edit: You could even rate first, and post comments after the voting period has ended. This is useful when you're flat out of time to vote but still want to drop the lowest score on your map.

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Default Match Votes

MAPM1 - Abandoned Shrine Zone by Ash -- 5/10
Well, this was ok for a symmetrical map. Saddly, the higher parts of the level wasn't really used,
and everyone hung out at the SRM. It looked nice, though.

MAPM2 - Two House Forest Zone by Kratzean -- 1/10
This SCREAMS hangout. The houses are cramped, the shop should of had someething protecting the shells,
and the underground part with all the items needs to die, as people CAN reach many of the moniters down there.

MAPM3 - Frost Columns Zone by Mystic -- 8/10
Very well done, but textures could use work, and it was a tad too big for my tastes. I also think it could
have used more outside parts. Well, done, otherwise.

MAPM4 - Plasma Plant Zone by Darkbob1713 -- 6/10
The ideas were cool, but the damaging floor was not obvious, I thought it was just detail at first. There
wasn't enough rings. Otherwise, pretty average.

MAPM5 - Waterfall Hill Zone by MajinD -- 2/10
FAR too wide open, whoever is at the top of the hill with rail would own if they can snipe well. There was
also a major lack of rings. Very boring and flat.

MAPM6 - Crystalline Caves Zone by Spherallic -- 7/10
A second good ice level. I had problems finding shields and stuff, and it felt slightly cramped, but other
than that, it was pretty good.

MAPM7 - Oil Operation Zone by RedEchidna -- 7/10
Pretty good. The oil got a bit annoying, bt otherwise this is a desent map. Also, nice secret.

MAPM8 - Lush Forest Zone by Blade -- Mine
I really like this map, and I am quite pleased on how it came out. It is also my first match map for 2.0.x.

MAPM9 - VG Disco by Brawl -- 3/10
I didn't like this. It was really flat, and you used "?" moniters insted of WRMs and SRMs. The pool of water felt really out of place. And I got stuck behind the music thing.

MAPMA - Disorient Battle Zone by JJames -- 6/10
Well done, I really don't know what to say about this map, other than that you forgot emerald spawns.

MAPMB - Strawberry Shortcake by Errol -- 4/10
I do not see how the name fits at all. The water parts were crampped, and the item placement could use work. Scatter is super powerful here, but since Scatter is my main weapon, I won't dock a point for that. :3

MAPMC - Silver Canyon Zone by KO.T.E -- 8/10
Really good, but some of the corners were sorta sharp, and I had a hard time finding my way around at first. Otherwise, good job.

That's it for match. I MAY do SP latter.

Originally Posted by Fawfulfan
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Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher View Post
It would be more helpful for the mappers if you gave some actual feedback instead of just ratings.
It's perfectly okay to have just numbers, especially with as many multiplayer entries as we have this time. Just don't be a complete statistical outlier, or we'll ask you to justify yourself.
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footure semen
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Single Player Division
Fire Flight Zone by Fawfulfan - 6/10
The visuals were quite great in this level, and the gameplay was quite solid, but please remove some of the flamethrowers. Other than that, best
NiGHTS map I've ever seen.
Dark Forest Zone by Videogame9 - 4/10
This leaves quite a bit to be desired. First, it's too damn short, and too dark. Second, every single platform is the same size. And last, try not to put
the emerald tokens in plain sight.
Jadeflower Zone, Act 1 by Blahblahblah - 5/10
There are a couple problems with this one too, sadly. First, some middle textures are pegged wrong, and the beginning section of water isn't
colormapped. Second, it's a bit flat and also a bit long.
Cloud Cradel Zone by D00D64 - 5/10
Remove the turrets, and place some more checkpoints.
Water Works Zone by Kyasarin - 10/10
I absolutely adore this level. The music is great, and it flows nicely.
Moonlit Mountain Zone, Act 1 by Darkbob1713 -7/10
Using Sonic Unleashed music is a great start, but the gameplay was a bit too difficult.
Lava Rock Zone by Eggmanfan - 2/10
Insta-kill everything, too much lava. What is this I don't even.

Multiplayer Votes are underway.
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123 Runite
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Fire Flight Zone by fawfulfan - 6/10: Beautiful hot level with nice and fitting music. On my first run, I took the time to get all the rings, but then... I'm not sure, it seemed that everything felt pretty repetitive. I liked how you placed holes in places where the fire streams out. That was a nice plus to scenery, and although this is the Sonic world, they made the level feel even more "realistic." The volcano, both the exterior and the interior, looked good, and so did the dark temple background. But enough with scenery. At times, it was hard figuring where to go, so perhaps placing arrows in those tight spots like somewhere towards the beginning of the level where it's a bit hard to move around and see where you're moving due to the visuals in front. I won't take the time saying where exactly, but I hope you somehow get what I'm saying. Also, the flame jets get annoying after a while. It's just a pain to have one randomly coming out and hitting you while you're enjoying going through the level.

Dark Forest Zone by Videogame9 - 1/10: Very repetitive, nothing interesting. Make sure you got some rings next to starposts if there are enemies around, so that when a player respawns, there are rings available for the player. In a level like this, you obviously used too many tokens. And also, they were noticeable and in relatively easy places to obtain. Don't try to improve this level. Start on a new level, and perhaps with a new concept, because this was just bad. Keep the comments of everyone here in mind while you make another level.

Jadeflower Zone, Act 1 by blahblahbal - 2/10: This was a little better than Videogame9's Dark Forest Zone in that there were at least some scenery and more effort put in, if there was any. Although I did say there was "some" scenery, there was in fact barely any scenery. Many places I can just thok through had nothing but Crawlas. First couple of water pits had no colormap. Also, in that first water pit, why was there a yellow spring in the water? For a fact, players can use that yellow spring as a shortcut to get to the bridge above. Was that intended to happen? There was some random waterfall texture in the sky (see pictures). The split of paths were done so generically. There was something buggy with that area with the currents. One of the water pools didn't even had a single spring that Sonic can use to get out of it. I don't even know why you even had three end signs at the end of the level.

A couple of concepts of scenery were fine, but because the entire level lacked so much, it felt as if scenery was not balanced throughout the entire level.

Supporting screenshots:

Cloud Cradle by D00D64 - 3/10: I thought this would be another of your beautiful 2D stages, I was wrong. The foggy death pit was nice, but everything else was bad. In the beginning, there are monitors that respawned some units above the floor, which personally I thought wasn't right. The first turret was very annoying, especially when you're jumping on small ledges while trying to avoid its shots. After getting through the Jettysyns standing stupidly in the entrance to the next room, I was immediately bombarded by those horribly placed Snails. The blue spring run was just terrible, as you had to get everything perfect, or near perfect, in order to reach the starpost. It was pretty hard trying to control the player across the springs.

I don't want to continue reviewing the rest of the level due to lack of interest. I've seen enough from what others had to say. Stick to the 2D levels.

Water Works Zone by Kyasarin - 5/10: At first I thought this would have the same sort of feel that your other level, Forest Fortress, provided, that is, its feel of linearity, thok, thok, thok, beautiful moments, and adventure. The filename is not in the right format, just saying. Was that intentional? This level was extremely linear, and I'm glad you agreed on that. There were also a lack of rings, secrets, and scenery in many areas. On the contrary, The way you blended Tidal Palace textures with metal textures was very well done. I have to say only those areas caught my eye the most. The "hanging gardens" were pretty too, but there were just too many areas that didn't have anything worth pointing out. I feel this level can be much better with some more work in somehow clearing that feel of linearity, providing more visuals that are appealing to the eye and more creative "tidal factory" gimmicks, and making more areas for the player to explore in, also to relieve the blandness and feel of... something seems missing, in some areas.

Moonlit Mountain Zone, Act 1 by Darkbob1713 - 7/10: I really enjoyed playing through this level. For one thing, the ice caves looked gorgeous. I loved the ice and the textures that you used for them. Very good. Personally, I think the music is fine. I liked how there were multiple routes as they brought in a feeling that the level isn't too limited in ideas.

There were a few issues I'd like to bring up.
  • Yes, there could've been more secrets involved in the level. The first one in the beginning was a bit obvious for me. But what you need are more rooms just for some secrets. Add some routes that lead to such rooms if you have to. The level is perfect for those.
  • Although the crumbling rocks in the end can be a challenge, it was funny how there was a starpost right before them and the end sign right after them. The distance between those two posts was fairly shorter than the usual, if there is one. I just felt there could've been... more in between. Either the starpost was unnecessary, or the end sign was placed too soon.
  • There were some blue springs in some water pit (see pictures) that were kind of hard to spot the first time because they blended too nicely with everything.
  • Just a nitpick with arrow texture alignment (see pictures).
Supporting screenshots:

Lava Rock Zone by Eggmanfan - 2/10: This also was somewhat better than Dark Forest Zone. Before playing this level (as with others in this contest too), I checked the map and first thought, ahh, this is a really bad level. I played the level, and laughed upon the notable spelling error of "volcanic." Not to be rude, but I thought that was so hilarious. I took the time to jump across the platforms, and noticed that the lavafalls had no correspondence with the lava flats of the continuously falling lava sector. Further into this bland and terrible "valcanic pass" I was heavily shocked by the immediate music change from some relatively soft and catchy drumming rhythm of RVZ into some active, loud, and upbeat music of ERZ2, I literally jumped out of my seat. Wow. The change in theme was also a bit instantaneous; it was poorly done. That one crusher next to the end was a drag. It was boring having to wait for the floor to finally come down so you can jump through it.

I also experienced that problem with the springs a few people mentioned. Don't worry about fixing that; just start working on a new level. You can apply what you have learned from this contest into a completely new level. Who knows, it may be better than the one you entered for this. Fair start in level designing, though, I have to admit. My first levels were terrible.

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Abandoned Shrine Zone by Ash: 3/10
1.08 Chaos mode levels just don't work in 2.0 match, even when dolled up. You basically stand in the center, shoot, and camp the monitor.

Two House Forest Zone by Kratzean: 1/10
50% Hangout, 50% monitor abuse in the basement. It lags like crazy, and just plays horribly.

Frost Columns Zone by Mystic: 7/10
Ugly and huge. In bigger battles like in the beta tests we had, it was quite fun, but in smaller battles, it's half H&S and half match.

PissPlasma Plant Zone by Darkbob1713: 8/10
Despite the Jarate Factory thing going on here, I had fun here too. And it's a stage Knux/Tails actually have a decent advantage in.

Waterfall Hill Zone by MajinD: 2/10
Shame I fail with rails :P
But seriously, the map is too huge for it's own good.

Crystalline Caves Zone by Spherallic: 3/10
The exact opposite of Frost Columns: Pretty and CRAMPED. I could barely get anything in without slamming my face into walls then getting smacked around by bombs.

Oil Operation Zone by RedEchidna: 7/10
The oil pool is really abusable, and the rooms tend to make players unable to find others in smaller games, but not bad. Just not all that great. The easter egg was nice too.

Lush Forest Zone by Blade: 6/10
A pretty bland venue, it's just basic. It doesent try much, and it's an OK level, but it's not a GREAT level.

VG Disco by Brawl: 2/10
Supers rape this map completely, there are Random monitor, and long lines of rings. It's basically a Knuxfest: Grab tons of rings, then fire completely across the super flat landscape. Also, half the weapon rings are missing too.

Disorient Battle Zone by JJames: 3/10
I ended up raping this on poor Sonic player so horribly, and almost literally: As one player put it, I ended up bombing the player 3 times in a ROW in the SAME area. Bombs dominate here, and the flipping buttons just feast for explosions. Also, the map is basically the same on both sides. I't's completely symmetrical too, which does not work well in 2.0

Strawberry Shortcake by Errol: 5/10
It's basic yet abnormal at the same time... A strange, delicious tasting place. Mmmmm.... Cake...Well, not much I can say about it. It's a bare bones stage with some strange design.

Silver Canyon Zone by KO.T.E: 7/10
This place has a lot of tunnels, leading to the same issues as Frost Columns and Oil Operation. It's an OK level, but nothing stand out. But there arn't any other real issues either...That I can remember.

Bah. Tired. Bed. Race later, since I can do that myself, then I'll try recalling the CTF games I've played...
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Official Community CoatRack
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Abandoned Shrine Zone by Ash: 5/10
This level was OK...
But because of it being symetrical it was had to remember wheer weapon rings are. Also, the center area is the most common area because of it having the SRM and it was every open. Also, NEVER use the fans in a match stage again, they are very annoying when you are trying to get away from the fight, or going to get some rings.

Two House Forest Zone by Kratzean: 1/10
That pretty much sums up this level, save cramp, symetrical, and laggy.
This level seemed to have very little rings in it, so I often found my self running around trying to find rings.

Frost Columns Zone by Mystic: 7/10
This level was cool, but in some areas it was a bit cramped.
Also, the level needs a better texture job, right now it is ugly.
Oh, and The place with the scatter ring is cheap because you can shoot anyone who goes up a spring without giving them time to react. But it is still fun to watch the fall and then try to get back up but then get shot down again. :3

Plasma Plant Zone by Darkbob1713: 7/10
This level was quit fun, it give Knux and Tail a good chance.
The only thing is that it is a bit to small, it could stand to be a bit larger.
Also, the place where the gernade ring is was a bit out of sight.

Waterfall Hill Zone by MajinD: 2/10
Ugh, this level was flat, and blad. There wasn't enough rings in the level for a big netgame, and the level was to big for a small for a netgame.
Also, where on earth did you put all the weapon rings? I couldn't find many.

Crystalline Caves Zone by Spherallic: 9/10
Now THIS is a good ice level, it had great textures, good amount of rings and moniters. Main thing I don't like about the level is that it sometimes gets cramped.

Oil Operation Zone by RedEchidna: 5/10
Eh, this level is ok. Some of the main things that I didn't like was that the oil was quicksand, it would have made more sence if it was slippery. Also, some of the texture felt out of place, like that one RVZ texture in the room with the scatter. other then that, it was a cool level. Oh, nice easter egg you hid in there. :P

Lush Forest Zone by Blade: 8/10
Nice level ya got here. The texture choice is good, save for the texture used for the grass wall, but it ain't your fault they didn't have a wall version of main grass texture. Anyways, this level was just like you every day greenery level, save with textures besides GFZROCK. one of themain things I didn't like was the fact that the paths to the center was a bit hard to find, many times I found myself back at the same place when trying to get to the center.

VG Disco by Brawl: 2/10
Ugh, this level was so annoying, first of all the level was dark on the outer sections making it hard to see who you are fighting. Second is that many times I confuse the toads with players so I shot thel and then realized it was just a toad and I had wasted my shot. Third, where was all the weapon rings? I could only find rail and scatter?

Disorient Battle Zone by JJames: 4/10
Bleh, I didn't like this level much, the textures was ew, the layout was annoying. Not to mention the level was blad and didn't have much detail.
Also, you slime has no color map. :E

Strawberry Shortcake by Errol: 6/10
Heh, this level was quite fun, but Satter was OP though. :P
Anyways, the level played fine, but I don't remember finding where all the weapon rings were, like Bomb, bounce, and gernade. But other then that, the level was great.

Silver Canyon Zone by KO.T.E: Mine/Not yours :<
This map was started around the end of the last OLDC, I have been working on and off with it for a while. But when I realized I only had about 30-20 mins left to enter it into the contest I did a speed test and then fix'd some bugs and then sent it in. I am quite pleased with it. :3


Well, this match division was OK, better then the last contest by a long shot. Race will come later, but I don't know if I will do CTF yet.
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Act 3 FTW!!
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Originally Posted by Scizor300 View Post
Jadeflower Zone, Act 1 by Blahblahblah - 5/10
There are a couple problems with this one too, sadly. First, some middle textures are pegged wrong, and the beginning section of water isn't
colormapped. Second, it's a bit flat and also a bit long.
Hey, thanks for telling me which pool isn't colormapped. Nobody else told me that.

EDIT: Also, I've updated my ratings. They're on the first page, if you want to know.
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Originally Posted by Mystic
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Might as well give this a try.

Dark Forest Zone 0/10

I don't have much to say about this one. Way too short, It's nothing but Snailers firing at you and platforming over a huge death pit and all of the platforms are the same height. It looks like a thirty minute job on SRB2DB.

Cloud Cradle 3/10

This level is torture, especially if you're Sonic. I couldn't get past the first area as him. I didn't do much better as Tails. You should try to replace the blue spring gimmick with something that's a little more fair. On the contrary, if you're Knuckles, the first part is easy, but the rest of the level is still just as hard as if you were playing as Sonic or Tails.

Fire Flight Zone 7/10

This is the first NiGHTS level I'm reviewing, and it looks like you did a great job for the most part. I was concerned at the beginning that you couldn't go to the right because I kept hitting a wall, but I managed. The graphics are great and it looks like you took your time. However, you used way too many flamethrowers in the ruins part. Otherwise, not too bad.

Jadeflower Zone Act 1 4/10

This act wasn't exactly bad, but it was boring and forgettable. There were a lot of technical issues to fix, too. In the open areas, I noticed some very bad Hall of Mirrors. Either add some more detail, or make the areas smaller. I also noticed some floating grass in one area.

Moonlit Mountain Zone Act 1 7/10

This is one of the better levels in the contest. It had some very interesting gimmicks and gameplay, but even though I like the Holoska Night music from Sonic Unleashed, I felt that it didn't really fit the theme of the level. I also felt that the ice at the end was a little too slippery for my liking.

Lava Rock Zone 1/10

I have one word for the beginning of the level. BORING. No one wants to hop on tiny little platforms forever over a lava death pit that doesn't even need to be there. Even with that, the giant lava waterfalls are everywhere, and they're an eyesore to look at. It looked like red was the only color I saw for the whole thing. After the lava section, you have an unfair space section where the crushers are on both the floor and the ceiling. This is very unfair.

Water Works Zone 7/10

The graphics are very nice, but it felt too linear for me. It's great that there are plenty of air bubbles so that you don't have to go very far to get the next air bubble. I also felt that the purple rocks didn't really fit in with the rest of the level. Overall, very nice map.
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I probably will only review the SP maps, I don't see any way of playing all the ctf maps that I haven't yet played, and the match and circuit ones that I can't remember how they played.

Single Player:
Fire Flight Zone by fawfulfan - 6/10
This zone has some nice visuals and some interesting ideas thrown in there. The two things I would have liked to see was in some areas in the beginning of the level the ceiling heights are too narrow. Sonic should have a bit more room then that so he isn't bouncing on the walls every couple of seconds. The second thing is the lack of linking thoughout the level. Nights is all about trying to get the highest amount of links. It seems near impossible on some areas to continue the previous link. The level itself is a bit too long for my tastes. Overall, nice job on this one.

Dark Forest Zone by Videogame9 - 1/10
There really wasn't much to this zone. All it pretty much was is a bunch of the same sectors to the end.

Jadeflower Zone, Act 1 by blahblahbal - 3/10
This level has some of the basic map editing stuff in it, but that is about it. It has long hallways with not much in them, and narrow floor over floors. Has a bunch of visual glitches because of the empty long hallways.

Cloud Cradle by D00D64 - 2/10
I couldn't completly finish this zone on time because of the cheap gimmicks on this level. The first annoying thing was the precise platforming while trying to avoid a turret. The other annoying REALLY annoying part was where you had to be so precise on the jettysons over the death pit. As other people have said, more checkpoints would be better, as I hated doing the same uninteresting platforming over and over.

Water Works Zone by Kyasarin - 7/10
At first I thought it was going to be entirely linear, since the beginning parts where pretty much just hallways, after the split it gets a little less linear, but not much. The scenic stuff is nice, but the gameplay is lacking a bit.

Moonlit Mountain Zone, Act 1 by Darkbob1713 - 8/10

Interesting level here. I like how you used multiple paths and the sector scenery was very nice. My one complaint on this level from playing it one time is that near the end, it is hard to tell that the ceiling is about to fall. The signs are hard to see in that darkness, and was caught by surprise.

Lava Rock Zone by Eggmanfan - 0/10

No working thok barrier. Instant death lava under tiny platforms. Falling lava from the sky without warning. Spring glitches. I think that is all I need to say. Everyone else said enough about this map already.
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Act 3 FTW!!
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I have now played and voted on all the maps, and I have to say that this OLDC was a disappointment because I heard some good things about previous Nov/Dec contests. But, overall, this one was the biggest I've seen by far. Anyway, good luck for the next contest!
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Originally Posted by Mystic
There's this amazing things called the English language

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Originally Posted by blahblahbal View Post
I have now played and voted on all the maps, and I have to say that this OLDC was a disappointment because I heard some good things about previous Nov/Dec contests.
Then please explain me how you can be disappointed when you gave such high scores on almost all levels.
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MAPR1 - Freaky Factory Zone by RedEchidna: 4/10
During the private tests, I never noticed just HOW BADLY one slip up can screw you over. Here it's really apparent, and I never really realized it. It's too easy to accidentally fall off, forcing you to redo a segment and make the game pretty much unwinable.

MAPR2 - Bleeding Green by D00D64: MINE/10
Apparently, when I edited this stage and sent it in, it was an OLD version of the stage...With the newer one having steel arrows on the ground for navigation. Oops. Ah well. Stage isn't much better with them anyway. I'd give it a 5 if anything.

MAPR3 - Quicksand Night Zone by Darkbob1713: 5/10
The begining is where it really throws Sonics off the loop, and waiting in a circuit level is NEVER good when someone can fly via Tails and quickly switch back.

MAPR4 - Not A Thokfest Zone by Mystic: 6/10
It's a really tricky stage despite the lack of typical jumping, and I do like it. But it's a bit too long and some areas are a LOT more difficult than others.

MAPR5 - Digital Dimension Zone by SonicMaster: 7/10
I run instead of ride while I play unfitting music. Aside from that, the level was well put together, but the last area seemed like a bit of a cop-out, and some transitions just seemed too abrupt. Also, Knux can climb the invisible walls.

MAPR6 - Sky Castle Zone by Mach: 2/10
The polar opposite of Not a Thokfest Zone basically. It's thokthokthokthokthok OH BALLS I MISSED A POST. Also, the hell is a MAZE doing in there?

MAPR7 - Crimson CavesSunkist Boiler Zone by Blade: 8/10
Sunkist Boiler is a pretty good stage. It has a Tails/Knux cut, it has hazards but doesent spam them, it's not that easy to thok-a-lot...But I'll be DAMNED if you try and tell me that's lava. And the cave isn't even red: It's more orange-y than red.

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Allow me to get some last-minute comments in on the reaction to my stages.

Oil Operation: Guys, the oil's meant to facilitate risk vs reward gameplay. Do you jump in to try and get those goodies, or stay out to avoid becoming a big target? The main reason I did it like that was so you could keep from getting hurt if nobody was around. If it was slippery instead, it'd become a speed boost instead of a hazard, and everyone would just crowd those areas because it's so easy to slide away from a shot.

Metropolis Madness: I guess I should've expected the critizism about the middle, but hey, it's better than what was there before! I guess the alternate route is a bit confusing, though. :/

Freaky Factory: You see, the main problem here is that the two people who consistently join my beta tests never mention any flaws, then during voting they break out into "Look at this flaw and this one and that!" This would've probably been a lot better if I had gotten critizism on the cheapness. (And no, master server tests don't work either because those fill up with noobs who just wanna love every level in existance.)
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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The reverse gravity gimmick can stay. Just don't overlap the stage and make sure to put some linedef execs to keep regular gravity right before, anti-gravity right after. Therefore, if you need to respawn upside-down, you can do so.
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really quick circuit voting because it's 6:59 lol...

MAPR1 - Freaky Factory Zone by RedEchidna: 3/10
Too cramped for its own good.

MAPR2 - Bleeding Green by D00D64: 2/10
Too much of a mess for its own good.

MAPR3 - Quicksand Night Zone by Darkbob1713: 4/10
Was that stupid start really necessary?

MAPR4 - Not A Thokfest Zone by Mystic: 9/10
Yay, a joke map that's actually fun!

MAPR5 - Digital Dimension Zone by SonicMaster: 8/10
Surprisingly fun. Even if I did expect the appropriate Riders music. Damn you, rules!

MAPR6 - Sky Castle Zone by Mach: 2/10
Not fun for the sheer opposite reason of Bleeding Green.

MAPR7 - Crimson Caves Zone by Blade: 7/10
Also surprisingly fun.
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We're gettin' very close to the results...

EDIT: Alright! 7:00 PM! Now where are those results? *shot*
Not sure what to put here.

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