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Nicholas the Hedgefox
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Default Super Smash Bros. Mod but Sonic-like for 2.2?

Just wondering if theres any chance of that

(Nicholas the Hedgefox received a warning for this post: Do not ask others to make your mod for you.)
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Maybe someday, but maybe not.

You wouldn't realize how much work is needed to put into a project, such as a Smash Bros. mod, until you start working on it yourself. The closest you'll probably get to an adaptation of this is CobaltBW's Battle Mod. There's a chance for it, but I wouldn't expect it.
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Going off what I remember from the Smash Bros. mod, it sounds cool on paper but doesn't play as well as it sounds. And I think the reason for this is that Smash Bros.' core is that of a fighting game; fighting games are supposed to offer a breadth of attacks and also run on the attack/block/grab move triangle, which is what gives Smash Bros. its depth. Sonic's attack mechanism is too basic for that, and its movement is extremely high committal whereas Smash Bros. offers a lot more freedom of movement on a 2D plane.

Now, if all you really want is some kind of game mode where players bash into each other with spin attacks, then Battle Mod's got you covered. It's... similar-ish to Smash Bros.? It's designed to be played 3D levels, but you could try to fool around in some 2D levels if you want a more 'authentic' 2D fighting game experience.

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Are you making it?

If you're not, then the answer is no. We aren't in the business of mod requests here.
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