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SRB2 Odyssey (As Far As I Got™) Details »»
SRB2 Odyssey (As Far As I Got™)
Version: 1.0, by Lach (nanananananananananananan a) Lach is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.40 average)
Released: 06-29-2019 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

If you've ever looked at my Editing thread you'll know that about a year and a half ago I started work on a mod that introduced some of the mechanics from Super Mario Odyssey into SRB2. While the scripts show many signs of Lua-noob-ness, working on this addon taught me a lot about what I was capable of programming at the time. Initially I had a lot of fun working on it, but unfortunately I got a little over-ambitious and I lost interest several months later. I've decided to release everything I did finish, since I will not be porting/remaking this for 2.2 and I feel it is unfair to hold it back from anyone who wanted to try it out.

The only completed Zone is Greenflower. There are some enemies and objects in Techno Hill and Deep Sea that are capturable, but the rest of the game is completely unmodified. Because of the special moveset I am not sure that all levels will be beatable, but you can certainly attempt them!

Onto the features:
Collectible Power Moons! Levels in SRB2 Odyssey are beaten by collecting a certain number of Power Moons, out of the many that are scattered throughout the level. (Or at least, that's what I would say if they existed in any zone other than Greenflower!)

Odyssey-inspired moveset! Triple jump and slide your way to the Power Moons! (Or rather, to the goal post!! Since there aren't any Power Moons outside of Greenflower!!)

Capturable enemies! Press Ring Toss to throw Cappy at badniks, and find out what powers you can posses. (Spoiler alert, it's not many!!! Because it's basically useless outside of Greenflower!!!)

Intractable NPCs! Press Spin near a Toad or Toadette to talk to them. They have many useful and silly things to say! (Guess what???? Yep—they're only in Greenflower!!!!)

There are also a few console commands you can use for quality-of-life settings should you wish so:
capcolor – changes the color of your Cappy companion. You must specify the color in the form of its name.

capbutton – changes the button used to fire Cappy. You must specify the name of a button using any of its names; for instance "firenormal" and "ringtoss2" are both acceptable arguments for changing the button to Ring Toss Normal.

There's also another file containing some music I made to go with the mod, but most of the tracks are horrendously awful and I actually don't recommend you use it. I've just included it so it isn't wasted content.

EDIT: Since some people have asked about it—if you would like to modify this addon to complete more levels or add more capturables you are more than welcome to! It is only not marked reusable in order to protect my code (even if I'm not proud of all of it, it's still my work) and because it contains assets that I did not make from scratch.

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File Type: pk3 odyssey.pk3 (93.9 KB, 2134 views)
File Type: pk3 odysseymusic.pk3 (19.27 MB, 1473 views)


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Old 06-29-2019   #2
Probably Responsible
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Welcome to releases!
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Old 06-29-2019   #3
Sometimes I sprite "things"
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Yo, this is awesome! I'll try it when I have free time. I'm really interested on testing it!
"The more detail that I put in the sprite, means the effort that I put into it."
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Old 09-17-2019   #4
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It would be nice if you could add the feature of being able to bounce off of Cappy as a platform. Setting things aside, this mod is good so far. Hoping to see what's next for this mod.
You can refer me as TheRetroRenegade cuz I can't change my username. YouTube: (Yes, William Arkwright is my real name)
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Old 09-17-2019   #5
nanananananananananananan a
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It's not like I'd posted a GIF of that very feature in the release post or anything. :P
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Old 09-17-2019   #6
NeonSonik15's Avatar

Oh, nevermind then. I guess I've been doing that trick the wrong way.
You can refer me as TheRetroRenegade cuz I can't change my username. YouTube: (Yes, William Arkwright is my real name)

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