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Knockout The Echidna Character WAD -KO.T.E.wad- UPDATE! Details »»
Knockout The Echidna Character WAD -KO.T.E.wad- UPDATE!
Version: 1.4, by CoatRack (Official Community CoatRack) CoatRack is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (8 votes - 4.13 average)
Released: 04-25-2010 Last Update: 07-09-2010 Favourites: 14
Characters SOCs

____________Update log_____________

[8/11/2013]: And over 3 years later, I finally update this thing again. I fixed some sprite color bugs, and revamped KO's reflect thok. Now when you thok, KO will get a small jump boost. The only thing is, the sooner you thok the higher you jump, and the later you thok, the lower.

KO also now has a spindash that can reflect shots for those of you who cannot time the jump to hit the shots heading at you in time.

[7/9/2010]: I now have a version of both KO.T.E's with no custom action.

[6/9/2010]: Did some minor tweaking to KO's stats, and I also fix'd a crash with the KO.T.E-nosfx wad.

[6/8/2010]: Uploaded a zip with D00D64's cleaned up KO.T.E with voices.

[6/8/2010]: Updated KO.T.E to have a longer reflect time and fix'd some sprites and re-vamped some of his voices, and some other small things.


Finally, after being in the works for a long time it is done, my Knockout The Echidna character wad. He is just a bit faster then Tails but slower then Knux when he is running, but when he uses his in air action, Reflect. As for his ability, he gains a quick shield that he can use to reflect shots back at his foes, but it takes away 1 ring when he uses it, so be careful!


There are two versions of this wad, one with SFX and one without SFX. Anyways, have fun!

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Old 08-12-2013   #62
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Originally Posted by CoatRack View Post
KO.T.E has been updated!

After being mocked at about how worthless his thok reflect was KO went to a near-by pawnshop to find a way to make it better, and came out with a new pair of Socs that give his thok a boost! Only thing is, it will only be helpful if used before the peak of his jump. He also learned how to reflect via spindashing, making fast getaways safer!

Along with soc updates, I fixed tons of sprite errors. (colors not changing, and some other things)
The soc updates sounds really neat but I didn't know that he had some colour changing problems.
Hmmm~ So tasty!
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Old 08-23-2013   #63
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Usually fancharacters are just a simple skin change, but I think the custom ability really makes this character as good as it is. Even though you may have an awesome fancharacter, giving it a default ability is kinda dull, I like how you implemented a custom one. I heard from JTE on the IRC that when 2.1 comes out, we can use Lua scripts to customize our characters, hopefully that will make it so we will see more custom abilities for characters like in this one.
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