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SRB2 Launcher
Version: 1.5.1, by sonicfreak94 sonicfreak94 is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 05-09-2013 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2
Additional Software

Note: A newer version with SRB2 2.1.X support (and below) is available here:

This launcher is based on a design I've had laying around for about two years but never put any functionality into. It's "written" (drag 'n drop!) in C# using Visual Studio which doesn't sound the best, I know... but who cares! =P

This requires .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

Also, I'm prefixing this with "EXE mod" since it's the closest to being applicable, and these types of releases are seemingly within the rules.

  • You can add and remove multiple custom files (wads etc) simultaneously [see screenshot]
  • You can drag and drop files and directories into the file list (dragging in directories recursively adds all files from the directory, and all its sub directories)
  • You can add files from other directories (so if SRB2 is in your documents and there's a file on your desktop you want to use, it won't crash!) [see screenshot]
  • You can change the order of the file list which subsequently changes the order they're loaded in SRB2
  • You can host or join (directly by IP) a netgame right from the launcher
  • You can warp directly to a stage with whatever gametype you like whether you're hosting a server or just playing single player
  • You can warp to maps by using their ingame numbering system (e.g A1 for 101; the first level of Mystic Realm)
  • You can save and load file list profiles for easy access to commonly used custom files
  • Custom command-line arguments
Planned features:
  • Map name display by reading level headers or maincfgs... maybe.
  • Profiles for launcher settings

tl;dr it does everything the SRB2 Net launcher did except better with some extra stuff.
Also if the source code is really necessary in this situation, I can upload it. But I warn you, it's terrible. I'm not really used to C# coming from C++.

There are some checkboxes in the join netgame tab that are currently disabled simply because I was too lazy to implement. That, and they appear to effectively do the same thing, so I haven't chosen one or the other. Ignore for now!

Anyway, tell me what you think (if it makes it through submissions)!
And credit to SSNTails for the icon which I shamelessly stole from his website and cropped =P

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Old 11-14-2013   #42
sonicfreak94's Avatar

Added a new feature.

You can now drag and drop files and directories into the file list. Dragging in a directory recursively adds all the files it holds, and all the files from its sub directories. It has no limit right now, so don't drag in your hard drive for example, because that could end badly.

It automatically filters it to all the "supported" file types; I'll add a custom filter at some point.

I also added a little speed up to the file list. If you for some reason select everything and hit remove to clear the list as opposed to hitting CTRL+N, it'll use the proper method to clear the whole list instead of removing each file individually, since that's kind of redundant.

I also organized a bit, but that doesn't really have any effect for the end user.

This brings the version up to 1.5.1.
Edit: Whoops, forgot to disable some code test shenanigans. Re-download if you already did.

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