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SRB2 Chaos Domain - Version 2.3.1 [scr_ChaosDomain-Version2.3.1.wad] Details »»
SRB2 Chaos Domain - Version 2.3.1 [scr_ChaosDomain-Version2.3.1.wad]
Version: 2.2, by CoatRack (Official Community CoatRack) CoatRack is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (7 votes - 4.57 average)
Released: 05-31-2016 Last Update: Never Favourites: 5
Single Player Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

Well, it's about time ain't it? Welcome back to...
SRB2 Chaos Domain
Version 2.3

Spoiler: 05-30-2016

-Initial release.

Spoiler: 07-2-2016

-Fixed the SCRIPT02 error.
-Fixed the missing textures in Stronghold Forest 3 and Solstice Pass 2
-Flame Breath has been given an overhaul, the fight is more dynamic now. He plays for keeps now!
-Probably fixed other odds and in I forgot too.

Spoiler: 07-9-2016

-Egg Hopper now hops away some after being hit, you should now no longer be able to cheese the fight.
-Fixed an issue with the Flame Breath fight where he would not drop the big napalm bomb in phase 2.
-Add some volcano ambient items to Radiant Caverns.

After Eggman’s most recent set back, he was busy trying to come up with a new plan to defeat Sonic and his friends. He was lucky enough to find one of the Chaos Emeralds while searching for a place to start construction on a new base.

Using his last defeat as a key opportunity to lie low to study the emerald in greater detail, while doing so he had happen to find the diary of his Grandfather that made mention of the use of the Chaos Emeralds to manipulate space and time. Wishing to harness this power, he ran test after test trying figure out how to crack into the “Chaos Control”.

As time passed Eggman grew tired of taking precautions and decided to take a more direct approach, he attempted to split the emerald open. Unfortunately for him, Sonic and his friends found Eggman’s base when they were on the look for the Chaos Emeralds. In his hasty attempts at stopping Sonic, he started the process before the preparations were completed. A white flash erupted from the machine, slowly growing bigger and bigger, before engulfing the whole facility.

Sonic and his friends awoke finding themselves lying in a green meadow, with the sun setting over the mountains. Quickly noticing Eggman’s robots in the area, the group set of to figure out what happen and where they were at.

Two full 3 act zones with custom bosses, and two 2 act zones!
Secrets hidden in the levels for extra re-play value!
Custom graphics for custom enemies!
Custom scenery Items!

A big thanks for everyone who helped make this mod a reality!

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Old 04-02-2018   #42

isn't this already version 2.3.1?
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Old 04-02-2018   #43
Legendary Emerald
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Originally Posted by CoatRack View Post
Ooooh boy, 57 more kb!
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Old 04-02-2018   #44
Official Community CoatRack
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Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie
I bet you can't make a face as crazy as this!
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Old 05-05-2018   #45
Pyro the Setsuna Fan
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Originally Posted by CoatRack View Post
Hinote and KO.T.E are hidden in every level (save boss levels), they were originally going to play the role in sending the player into special stages.
Something like Tails and Knux in Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island?
O kurwa!
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Old 12-04-2018   #46
Flash Trickstar
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Wish you hadn't removed stuff like the ponies(especially the one that haunts you throughout eggmansion 2, I rather liked that element). I get not everyone likes MLPFIM, I just feel like removing them all outright just sort of takes away from the experience.
I have my values. So you can keep yours, okay?
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