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Originally Posted by Steel Titanium View Post
The version I downloaded of the map didn't have any of those problems.
It seems that I had opened an earlier version that I had downloaded, because they had very similar names. Sorry about that, I contract my previous statement
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Originally Posted by TehRealSalt View Post
It seems that I had opened an earlier version that I had downloaded, because they had very similar names. Sorry about that, I contract my previous statement
To be fair, it was the middle of the night and I made several silent edits in a row and uploaded them one after another within the span of an hour or so.
Originally Posted by Cirno

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I can definitely tell you've improved since your last entry, but I think it still needs a lot more work. All of my complaints boil down to it being big and empty. The scale is a lot better than Mario Hills' crampedness, but it's a bit too far on the other extreme.

An easy beginner mistake (in my opinion, at least) is testing with Sonic exclusively. He's honestly terrible to use for testing for scale, thanks to thok and ungodly high acceleration; I recommend testing with the other two (Knuckles is a good pick since he's the average speed character) first when you're constructing a room. A room that might be fun to thok through as Sonic will end up being really tedious to run through as Tails and Knuckles.

There also is a lack of anything to do that isn't in the interest of completing the level. You want either alternate paths, or just more stuff to distract the player from going straight to the goal, like platforms with extra items (in fact, you could really use more items in general; no rings just adds to the empty feeling). Though, a longer level might make up for a lack of side things to do, too.

Another thing that contributes to this empty feeling is that there isn't a whole lot of platforming. You technically have height variation with (actually fairly nice sized) slopes, but it doesn't actually feel varied while playing because you barely need to jump to complete the stage. Make the player climb platforms and jump over gaps in places!

Don't give up, though! There's a lot more potential here than your last attempt!
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The first version of the KAWAIII preview is here, making it easy to go through all levels and review them! Please do not dine and dash; if you play this, say a thing or two about a map you liked or didn't like. Features include life debt, unlocked level select for easy playing, and about an accurate representation of entries will make it into the game at this rate.

Get it here, and start reviewing!

I will be providing reviews for at least the first half of maps tomorrow!

(Due to the unexpected mass of entries and work required for this preview & its delayed release, I may push back the polish deadline by another 3-7 days, depending if people want to use the extra time.)

EDIT: A hotfix for netplay has been uploaded. This should not matter for those who are planning on playing it alone, but netgamers should probably redownload.
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Originally Posted by TehRealSalt View Post
Features include life debt
Fucking nice lol

Curious, does that feature do anything besides give the player functionally infinite lives? I downloaded the preview to check but I didn't find anything (assuming it's not a KAWAIII trade secret to be only revealed later)

That aside, I'm in the same boat as toaster in that I want to experience all the maps together at once when the mod is fully done and released, but I did try out Shogun Stronghold because fuck it it has Hyperstone Heist music.

It is much too easy to get lost in the starting area. You climb the steps, hit the checkpoint, go down the slope, follow the road to the temple, it ends in a wall, you circle around the building looking for an entrance, there's none... the nearby water only leads you back, there are no buttons in the buildings, destroying all enemies does nothing... it was 6 straight minutes of running around before I saw the spring tucked away in a corner, from there you can go to the top of the buildings then to the ledge near the temple "entrance" and finally continue the level. I'm not even really sure this is the intended way since there are springs that send you down the big road. I don't know what could be done with the layout as it is but something needs to be done there.

But that's pretty much one of my only two major issues with the level. Nice theming and it's evident a lot of effort went into making sure it all gels together; it's a good-looking level. The enemies are all assholes but in a fun way. And trying to speedrun it was really enjoyable, I know right now I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of this level (and maybe get into another WR contest if KAWAIII gets added to the Records page). Honestly, it being so short is the only other big problem it has in my opinion. I would have liked some more platforming challenges with those firework enemies. Still good though.
Originally Posted by Asagi Asagiri
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Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
It is much too easy to get lost in the starting area. You climb the steps, hit the checkpoint, go down the slope, follow the road to the temple, it ends in a wall, you circle around the building looking for an entrance, there's none... the nearby water only leads you back, there are no buttons in the buildings, destroying all enemies does nothing... it was 6 straight minutes of running around before I saw the spring tucked away in a corner, from there you can go to the top of the buildings then to the ledge near the temple "entrance" and finally continue the level. I'm not even really sure this is the intended way since there are springs that send you down the big road. I don't know what could be done with the layout as it is but something needs to be done there.
Life debt is infinite lives + pseudo death counter.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback! I was most iffy about how I implemented the gimmick, so I'm glad you find it enjoyable.

That opening area is supposed to be a total exploration area, before it dives into linear+gimmicky mode in the castle; you're supposed to experiment and find your own way through it. Maybe I need to add more ways onto the tops of the buildings to encourage that better? (There is a spring in the water that brings you up straight to the red spring, and you can land on one of the first buildings from the checkpoint. Maybe I'll do something where you can get up there by going through a building?)

I originally had the side entrance to the right of the building accessible from the ground level, but that + the springs (which I kept as a way to quickly show the player "hm, can't go in the obvious way", but judging from your experience that backfired :V) made it waaaaay too easy to just skip all of the effort I put into the building hopping segment. So instead I put some rocks there, and some jump-arc rings over them to maybe tell the player they should find a way to get up there.

Either way, I'll try to work on that; the town is probably my favorite area, so I'd like to make it as good as possible!
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Some quick feedback:

The Zone:
I made this and it worked out fairly okay for a bog standard rushed speedmap with no real gimmicks to speak of.

Wasted Wayward:
The long stretch of nothing at the end with a speed booster you couldn't see didn't do it for me. The really dark areas could easily and should be brought up one or two light levels. I also found an area with some score monitors next to a campfire - is there a way out besides just going back the way you came?

Ruby Castle:
I really like this map's aesthetics and theme a lot. However, the way forward is not always clear - I got turned around a couple of times and sort of bumbled my way to the exit. For the most part, though, it's quite solid.

Quandary Canyon:
This level flowed surprisingly well and had some nice visuals to boot. There were a couple of places that didn't have rings with the Float flag added, and the use of the arrow to direct the player to the left is kind of clumsy but I really did like everything else.

Abandoned City:
The level seemed rather flat, which tends to be the bane of all city-themed levels. Try sloping some roads and adding more interesting terrain to make for varied gameplay. As much as cities actually ARE flat in real life, it just doesn't translate well. In addition, lower sector brightnesses to something like 232 or less for any outside level, even if it's supposed to be really bright - it helps the player judge distance.

Lush Meadow:
I got SO lost and turned around at the start, but the rest of the level was much better for that. The underwater sections and the rest of the start seemed a little too tight and cramped for comfort, but the rest of the stage opened out so that provided a good contrast.

This level seems to be best taken at a slow pace, as it's quite dangerous. The chosen texture set doesn't provide a lot of contrast between the different brick colours, but there's not much else you can really do with the base texture set.

Scarlet Palace:
Smooth jazz and nice colours make for a relaxing and nice experience. Good colour scheme.

Cutout Warehouse:
This level is stupid and I love it. You're insane for doing all this with only four sectors. Every gimmick just oozes creativity in both concept and execution. Even simple stuff like that fade to black at the end is just mindblowing.

Azure Paradise:
Good slope geometry lead to some interesting ways to take paths. Good stuff. The part where you break the wall and the waterfall makes you slide forward lead to a cheap death as I charged through at full speed, though - maybe a fence or something would help?

Dimension Disaster:
That skybox is some good stuff. An excellent take on the Sonic CD special stage idea.

Sunken Shafts:
Okay, so I immediately died walking forward from the start - not a great beginning for a level. The whole level suffers from crampedness, much in the same way your previous levels have - and again, my advice is to double the X and Y sizes of the level. You tend to rely on rings to lead the player, but in a co-op netgame those rings will often be taken by someone, leaving everyone else with no way to know what's ahead or what's safe. Try to lead the player onwards and show them where to go with stage geometry wherever you can.

Desolate Woods:
Is there a way to actually sling onto those gravity wells? If you were planning to use them as a gimmick in the level, I would try featuring them a bit more heavily and providing some kind of tutorial area so the player can get familiar with them.

More to come when I get a bit more time to write these.
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I noticed none of the maps used the snow theme, and by extension the snow weather.

If nobody is going to use it, I am allowed to replace the snow sprites to make a custom effect in my map for the next update?
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Pure Rock DESPARATELY needs more checkpoints. Difficult platforming can be good, but not when I finally make it through the hell gauntlet of buzzsaws only to spend two more minutes on platforming, die to a stupid space countdown section that nobody could reasonably get on their first try, and lose all my progress because the next checkpoint wasn't for another room or so.
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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I don't think Desolate woods is suppose to trigger underground zone's music from sonic 2 8-bit.

I think it's possible we have a music lump conflict.
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Default Response

Originally Posted by Boinciel View Post
Some quick feedback:
Wasted Wayward:
The long stretch of nothing at the end with a speed booster you couldn't see didn't do it for me. The really dark areas could easily and should be brought up one or two light levels. I also found an area with some score monitors next to a campfire - is there a way out besides just going back the way you came?
As you guessed, there is no way out besides just going back- Most of this side-stuff was made with the intention of being purely a side-reward for those who go looking. If it was a normal map, the score monitors would have instead been an Emerald Token, but since the map had enough rings (I've heard tokens would be changed to super-rings or whatever), I changed it to score monitors as a substitute.
As for the light-levels, I never found a problem looking at it personally, but I'll definately up them a bit.
The long-stretch of nothing... I got nothing much to say other than I couldn't think of anything. I was also getting pretty tired of working on the map, but if you have any suggestions for how to make it a fun ending, please do let me know and I'll take a look into it.

If i'm not supposed to reply like this then uh, sorry.
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Updated Desolate Woods due some changes:
  • Enlarged the map itself.
  • Changed the name of the "O_UNDERG" music lump to "O_RTIO" to prevent music lump conflicts.
  • Also fixed the horizontal springs' placement issue right now.
  • Reduced the amount of thrust that is given for the flying enemies in their chase.
  • Fixed the brightness of the bottomless pit below a pulleys section.
  • Added HUD for the Hook Points that tells what button to use.
  • Added an NPC bush at the beginning of the level so players will read the hint first.
  • Thanks to lach, I fixed the P_RandomRange warning.
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Default Flare957's Feedback

Here's my feedback, as of KAWAIII Preview 1!
I played through each stage as Vanilla Sonic.
Spoiler: Feedback List
Spoiler: The Zone (Boinciel)
It's a pretty solid level with some nice textures and well placed springs. There's not really anything I can find wrong with this level.

Spoiler: Wasted Wayward Zone (PersistantRubine)
I honestly think the end of the stage is way too simple and confined. Perhaps try opening up the area and give players more to do, as well as make the road more interesting.

Spoiler: Ruby Castle Zone (Shiron)
The level itself is fine. The one gripe I have with it, is the spiked slopes at the castle area. Maybe adding an alternative path could help?

Spoiler: Quandary Canyon Zone (RomiotheBadass)
The textures are visually pleasing, perfectly fitting the theme. The use of slopes is quite good as well. Not much else to say.

Spoiler: Abandoned City (Michael12345)
This level is a thokfest for a very large portion of it. Sure cities are usually straightforward, but adding curved roads is an option you can consider. As stated before by others, the stage is quite flat as well. Adding a arched bridge or two could go a long way to liven up the layout. Also, the moving FOF near the end isn't always there when you get to it. I'd suggest making it move only when the player hops on it. I also suggest using a different texture for the road, as it appears to be the same as the death pits' textures.

Spoiler: Lush Meadow Zone (Flare957)
I can't really give myself feedback for a level I made... XP

Spoiler: Magmor Zone (Glaber)
This level is well made, taking advantage of the boosters and slopes. Nothing I found that needed fixing.

Spoiler: Scarlet Palace (.Jazz.)
There are too many Robo-Hoods. The level is very pretty and the music just adds to the atmosphere, but other than that, try not to place too many Robo-Hoods.

Spoiler: Cutout Warehouse Zone (fickelheart & toaster)
An interesting design choice. Nothing I can say that strikes me as problematic.

Spoiler: Azure Paradise Zone (Lazy MK)
The level is good for what it is. The one section I would suggest fixing, is the room before the finish with the springs. I have to align my camera to face where I'll be going so I don't miss the platform, but because the springs are against the wall and on a slope, it becomes quite annoying to work with.

Spoiler: Dimension Disaster Zone (Lat')
I find the fans to be a bit odd, as they slowly lift you up, then you fall just as slowly. The way it works just makes it a tad weird to use.

Spoiler: Sunken Shafts Zone (Inferno Dragon)
Once you enter the stage, you are met with a 'Leap of Faith'. Not the best way to start a stage. I'd recommend making a path downward that you can see from the beginning.

Spoiler: Desolate Woods Zone (Manimi & Strike)
That one badnik that constantly follows you is way too cheap. Perhaps making it possible to destroy with a few hits could help. Also, it's easy to miss the info points that tell you how to use the hooks.

Spoiler: Cosmic Valley Zone (davee0)
I found an area with some slime trails that should probably be fixed.

Otherwise, the level is fine.

Spoiler: Robotnik's Fortress (Swift)
The night setting, while fitting, can make it easy to get lost in a level that uses similarly coloured textures. Try adding something that stands out to guide the player e.g. a light or torch. Also, when pressing the button to advance, it takes the player's view away from them, which is bad given the amount of badniks around you. Perhaps try locking the switch behind a barrier that requires you to destroy those enemies to gain access to it.

Spoiler: Lilac Acreage Zone (RoyKirbs)
Slime trails are really sneaky, aren't they?

Spoiler: Decrepit Plant Zone (TrustyGun)
The level looks quite nice. It's also good to see the return of ring sapping water. The end area however took me a bit to find out the goal was off to the side. Maybe try making it a bit more obvious.

Spoiler: Pure Rock Zone (Goldenhog)
In all honesty, this stage was quite hard. The conveyor split area is quite unfair, as the buzzsaw path seemed impossible. I say that because I didn't even try to take that path. Try making that area a tad more balanced if there isn't anything special down that way already.

Spoiler: Icy Hot Cave Zone 1 (Sleeperz)
The level seems quite empty, aside from the many, many rings. Also, the start of the level is pretty bland, using the same textures almost everywhere. Try using other textures to differentiate the walls from the floor. And what is with the grid pit texture?

Spoiler: Knorthole Valley Zone (Wumbo)
It's simplistic, but in a good way. Knowing what you were basing the level off of, it seems to stay true to the source, while spicing things up a bit.

Spoiler: Nova Shore Zone (DrTapeworm)
Those burrowing spike enemies are quite interesting, as are those bubble bots. The start of the level lags for me, but that's very minor, as the rest of the stage runs just fine.

Spoiler: Bio Satellite Zone (Chaobrother)
The level is fine, it's just the room with the moving platform and the lasers, they are hard to avoid. It might be because of the platform itself, but other than the colourmap affecting the player, there is not much telling them if they need to move or not.

Spoiler: Redcurrant Brewery (Monster psychic cat)
The level looks nice. Nothing seems to be wrong with it.

Spoiler: Mr. Triangle (Root & Yacker)
This is quite clever, making a small game like this out of a single level. One issue is that you don't tell the player that they can shoot upwards, something they will most definitely need later on. Perhaps having a situation were they need to make use of that?

Spoiler: Raspberry Desert Zone (Revan)
The level is okay, just the current issue is the button doors resetting. Also, after pressing the first button, most people wouldn't think to go back to the start. Try placing something to tell them that.

Spoiler: Green Hill Zone (LJSonic)
It's quite interesting to see someone make a self-building level. But I also have to agree that it takes time for it to build itself. Not much else to say about it.

Spoiler: Diamond Valley Zone (Badz)
This stage is quite basic, but still good. However, I'd suggest putting some stuff in the water at the start to make it more interesting, should players fall in.

Spoiler: Amethyst Aqueducts Zone (Ikkarou Tatsuru)
The level itself is is quite interesting, with the switches and such. However, it took me some time (and help from the community) to figure out what the heck I had to do to get past that puzzle area. It's also a tad longer than the other path. Other than these issues, it's good.

Spoiler: Extraterrestrial Ruin Zone (SeventhSentinal)
It's nice and open, but could still use some more work, as it is pretty empty.

Spoiler: Sleeping Egg Zone (Nintensis)
Too many colours. It just doesn't look very appealing when there are so many colours mixed together. I was unable to complete it due to lag.

Spoiler: Midnight Shores Zone (Steel Titanium)
This level is quite calm and the textures are nice to look at. Not really anything else to point out.

Spoiler: Morning Heights Zone (Firework917)
This level is far too empty. Also, it took me far too long to find the goal. I only stumbled upon it, taking note that it had NO Signpost. If it isn't obvious, please place a signpost in the exit sector.

Spoiler: Shogun Stronghold Zone (TehRealSalt)
Love this map's hazards. The fireworks are pretty and dangerous, making for perfect additions.

Spoiler: Arle Satan Bayoen Zone 19 (Tripel the Fox)
Who doesn't love a good few rounds of Puyo Puyo? It's a great way to take a break from all the platforming you'll be doing.

Spoiler: Acidic Alpines Zone (Lach)
The level's gimmick is quite interesting and I didn't expect it to affect things besides you.

Spoiler: Oceanside Cave Zone (Rumial)
Very simple, but also quite linear. Perhaps adding some alternate paths could help.

Spoiler: Verdant Valley Zone (Fres)
It's good to see this map getting finished. Pretty standard, but it's good for what it is.

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@Boin, thank you for the feedback!

Im sure i put a fence there just after the bustable blocks to prevent cheep deaths if the user were to just spindash. I'll add another fence on the platforms just to help out with slipperiness on that platform.
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Absolute territory where
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Boy that's a lot of maps. I don't wanna write an essay for each of them so here are my general thoughts for each map, trying to be as direct and clean as possible, don't expect too much

Spoiler: metric fuckton of lines for not a whole lot

The by Boinciel
Loved the aesthetics and the springs scattered a bit everywhere. Slope physics were fun to mess around with.
I did get lost my first time around because I couldn't find the exit though.

Wasted Wayward by PersistantRubine
I would call the gameplay solid enough. Visually the level is quite lacking. But hey I love me some campfire and 10k score monitors!

Ruby Castle by Shiron
Loved this one. Pretty open with multiple pathways, breathtaking visuals thanks to these textures and replay value thanks to said paths.

Quandary Canyon by RomioTheBadass
Really good flow and nice visuals, I liked the sense of speed in this level. I did encounter some slight visual errors but I suppose that's my fault for using OpenGL.

Abandonned City by Micheal12345
From a gameplay standpoint, this is a pretty good map, there's nothing wrong about it and there's even some rewarding exploration.
However, this map is visually lacking, the tall walls of GFZROCK look pretty bad in my opinion, and the sudden shift from city to ruin makes no sense?
Still a pretty good map, so keep this up!

Lush Meadow by Flare957
Honestly the first time I played this level I was NOT expecting that. This was a REALLY good map, both visually and gameplay-wise.
I do think the ruins area is pretty cramped and out of place in this level, same for that ONE pool of lava I encountered, why is it here?
Bonus points for the physics defying waterslide at the end of the level, as well as the replay value provided by the multiple pathways. That was a great one.

Magmor by Glaber
I believe I've already stated what I thought about it in an earlier post, the sound issue was fixed which is pretty nice, the map still has its solid gameplay related to timing spindashing off ramps with lava falls and whatnot, which is completely fine by me!
Visuals in the cave areas still felt a bit lacking however, not sure if that was adressed.

Scarlet Palace by .Jazz
I. Love. It.
This is the kind of level where the visuals and the entire structure are so pretty that I got distracted from wanting to complete the objective and instead went on to explore the place for myself.
...And then I got thrown to jail.

Cutout Warehouse by fickleheart and toaster
Another amazing level both gameplay wise and from a technical standpoint! You two are just insane (insane is a synonym of 'SRB2 dev' AFAIK) for doing this in 4 sectors and somehow getting even software to not shit on the framerate with all the mess of midtextures AND I LOVE IT!
I especially loved the Knuckles section which was a refreshing challenge. The enemy placement is way less agravating than in the last version I played, so that's a plus!
I'd like to add that in spite of the measures taken in the scripting, openGL STILL crashes while booting this map. gr_solvetjoin should be disabled constantly in KAWAIII, and not only for the server, last I recall this is a clientsided command. (even if that will not prevent crashing if this is the first map played.)

Azure Paradise by MK
I loved the aesthetics of this map, though may argue that the underwater path is definitely ten times less fun than the one outside of it.
I don't have much else to add, solid level design and really fun to mess in in general!

Dimension Disaster by... ...wait I don't have to review this
It's come to my attention that there might be some glitches related to restarting the level in co-op but I was unable to reproduce them? If anyone finds something please do tell.
There probably will be an update fixing some issues with the HUD being a bit too cluttered in green resolutions for record attack as well as other things such as an hopefully better bumper collision detection (it's pretty sketchy at high speeds)

Sunken Shafts by Inferno Dragon
Why is the player start so far forward in the stage? Did you forget to remove it for testing?
I can't really judge from just that part of the level, but the leap of faith at the start of the current thing is bad, so you might wanna make it more clear where to jump.

Desolate Woods by Manimi & Strike
A pretty solid level overall. It's too bad the hook ring is so underutilized in this, it could've made for pretty fun challenges, but oh well.
The buzz enemies are however a giant pain, especially with their placement that has a tendency to be NEAR springs.

Cosmic Valley by davee0
The aesthetics are breathtaking, seriously, this looks amazing. I did however have some performance issues on the starting area (not sure if openGL's fault), and also found it pretty cluttered, especially with such steep slopes.
I'm also against red springs boobytraps that send you flying to death pits, or that one crumbling floor at the end. But that's aside, really solid gameplay and visuals, replayed it a few times.

Robotnik's Fortress by Swift
Solid gameplay overall. I'm not a fan of buttons that make you backtrack through what you already went through with no change whatsoever. The level's also WAY TOO DARK for my liking, I wasn't seeing where I was supposed to go at all times.

Lilac Acreage by RoyKirbs
From Sugoi 1, you sure love those kind of stages!
...Well so do I!
The level was pretty simple structure wise, but it played nicely and looked good enough for my visual standards! I was disappointed not to find any dank unlock behind a waterfall, but terrorized by what I found at the end of the level instead.

Decrepit Plant by TrustyGun
A sadly short, but really well built level! Although I did get lost at first and ended up coming back to the start without realizing it, this also made me discover more of the map, and I don't regret it!

Pure Rock by Goldenhog
A level built around some difficult in practice, yet simple on paper jump timing challenges. I actually liked those quite a lot!
However the small number of checkpoints WILL hinder people's enjoyment, because constantly replaying the same thing until you can get to that section where you messed up is PAINFUL.
Speaking of painful, I feel like some of these challenges are far too punishing, dying for the slightiest mistake isn't always good. Also those space countdown sections are bad, I got them right first try thanks to the whirlwind shield I found at the start that made the whole thing WAY LESS agravating than it is.

Icy Hot Cave by Sleeperz
A nice attempt overall. It's a bit too opened for the content that's in it, and there are way too many rings. You also shouldn't just give players shields out of nowhere like you're doing it at the very start of the level,
a shield has to be some kind of reward, for finding or reaching it. I basically nabbed the attraciton shield and got a metric fuckton of rings.
The level is also pretty empty overall, because of its huge open areas.

Knothole Valley by Wumbo
Although the design is solid, I found myself dropping interrest for the level because I found the SRB1 styled textures being too bland, it ended up looking dull to me.

Nova Shore by DrTapeworm
Amazing visuals thanks to the custom palette. Solid design as well, only regret I have is how short the non-underwater path is. Nothing else to add!

Biosatellite by Chaobrother
I didn't complete this level. I found it frustrating. The timing on these lasers is far too precise and getting hit sends you flying for so long that you die from the space countdown reguardless.

Redcurrant Brewery by MonsterPsychicCat
I'm almost surprised you don't have a reality bending Lua in there.
Solid design, nice visuals, I love me some swimming in blood. Only regret I have is also that the level's pretty short, but that's to be expected.

Mr. Triangle by Root & Yacker
That's... that's a nice game changing ... game!
The gameplay's pretty solid although I felt the physics were a bit too slippery. Sprites are pretty lackluster too, and the boss was pretty hard because of the physics I mentionned before.
However I soon found out that dying didn't matter, so I just got hit and died until eventually I won.

Raspberry Desert by icefox
Stunning visuals, questionnable gameplay.
The button fetching in itself's pretty bad for reasons I mentionned before. The worst part is the fact that the player has no idea what the buttons actually do, and I did myself get lost.
A good way to fix this is to use an alternate viewpoint showing a door open after you pressed it. I'd also like to mention that the... sand falls physics are very sketchy, and that falling in that section with the spikeballs has no normal way of escaping aside of using those sloppy sand fall physics.

Green Hill by LJ Sonik
This. Is. Hilarious.
The worst part is that this is actually a well designed level. I hate you.
(Seriously I loved it)

Diamond Valley by Badz
A short but fun level, and just the right amount of challenging in my opinion!
I'm not sure if that's me however but I felt like the underwater sections were too dark.

Amethyst Aqueducts by Ikkarou Tatsuru
An amazing concept, but I couldn't complete that level. I legitimately got lost and had no idea what to do past getting the gargoyle out of its chamber.
I'll give it another try when I have more time.

Extraterrestrial Ruin by Sev
Oh shit the music is missing..!
I actually liked the low gravity, this really helps with the verticality and the fact that the level is big.
One more thing, I actually thought just spindashing off that ramp would work given the low gravity... only to be disappointed by death. I'm not sure if something can be done about that,

Sleeping Egg by Nintensis
Already gave you most of the feedback, cool and solid level, though it seems to get easier as you progress.
Nice 2D section, it's always nice to see a nicely executed one.
...I will add however that I really, REALLY dislike the music, but that's personal so no negative point for that.

Midnight Shore by Steel Titanium
This plays pretty nice! It's maybe a bit cramped and too dark for my liking, but I can get over that. Not much else to add, keep at it!

Morning Heights by Firework917
I appreciate the use of slopes, it's always fun to be sent flying. However the level is REALLY empty. And the exit sector doesn't have a signpost? It's not even clear where it is, I found it by accident.

Shogun Stronghold by TehRealSalt
I love how open the level is at first, and the whole weeb theme too, who doesn't love weeb themes after all.
I didn't like the second half as much, especially becaue of how short it felt. But hey it's satisfying to blow up a roof worth of firework launchers!

Arle Satan Bayoen TSUU by Tripel the Fox
I always love me some Puyo Puyo!
...Except I suck at it. The huge problem I have is that not only do I suck at it, but the AI manages to suck more than I do and die in sometimes less than 20 seconds.
Maybe don't make it merciless, but try to make it so it at least puts up a fight? It's ridiculous how fast the last round ended.

Acidic Alpines by Lach
I'm trippin' ballsssss
I loved the Rock Shield thingy, it's amazing, in fact the whole level is, it has a really interresting colorscheme and overall it's hard to believe that it's your first attempt at a full on map!
The boss was pretty good, though I sometimes found it hard to send it into the balls, and it felt random when I did get it on one.

Oceanside Cave by Rumia1
Nice attempt too! Too bad the level's so short, that first slope felt pretty nice. I'm not sure the loop was needed but oh well.

Verdant Valley by Fres
Emerald Hunt's always fun. But for whatever reason it's much harder without an auditive cue. Pretty solid design, I did feel like the emeralds were sometimes blending in, and the lack of sound on the radar made it even worse.
Originally Posted by MADVAL2 View Post
glad there is no Zero Two in this pack,i really get mad everytime i see Zero Two
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Tried doubling X and Y, some of the harder jumps became impossible ;-;

Also, the level doesn't really feel right that big to me... Any suggestions for how to use level geometry to indicate where to go?

sidenote: my GFZ thing is still in the works (sorry :P) and probably won't suffer from the issues this map has.

Fixed... the spawnpoint. Really, Inferno? How could you let that happen? Updated original post on page 9...

Welp, I made a huge mistake, it's fixed. Review from my point of view coming up soon.
i tried using slade, accidentally summoned satan, 666/10 would rip and tear again

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Okay so Arle Satan Bayoen Zone Tsuu by Tripel the Fox needs an early review.

First, the optional thing. AI's really easy. I'm fine with that, but the difficulty progression feels backward; the increasing speed means Satan just kills themselves faster than Draco.

Next, the two VERY important things.
- There is a ton of rpgblast-related code that causes a ton of additional lag on every single map. The worst offender is a MobjThinker that runs on ALL objects(!!!).
- The script causes the game to crash when a fifth player joins, regardless of map(!!!).

I really want to have this map, but if the last two are not addressed I cannot include this.
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The Crime Slime
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is THAT why my map likes to explode for seemingly no reason in netgames
something goes here
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These maps that're in KAWAIII are looking really cool! I'll have my reviews on them later on today, but a few of the stages don't support Sonic & Tails mode. (Or any other Player & Bot mode a wad might add)

Dimension Disaster's Tails Bot works really well, but with the Fans the bot just... awkwardly stays the same angle so it looks really weird.

On Mr. Triangle The Pizza Delivery Guy Mania 1.5, (Hope I got the name right lol) the Tails Bot makes the stage REALLY annoying to play. Since if you play with a Bot alongside you, it spawns a second player. Because the second "player" doesnt have any AI to follow you or anything it just... stands there and the beginning and you have to manually control it to the goal or else you cant progress to the next stage. I had to assign some buttons to the Bot just to progress.

In Green Hill Zone playing with a Bot messes up the controls for some reason, making it so that you appear as the Bot (so in Sonic & Tails mode you appear as Tails), and the inputs for the Bot's player counts as your own, the camera also follows it and you're non-existent. Attempting to use your own inputs doesn't really work either, you cant walk and jumping lets you just like normal, but you just spin on the floor afterwards and cant jump again, same goes for spindashing.

Aside from these issues, most of the stages were really fun to play through, and I'm looking forward to how these look after the polishing stage.
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Monster Iestyn
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Turns out the cause of the netplay crashes is because somehow the archiving code goes over the maximum size allocated for the save buffer. In other words the game is saving way too much into $$$.sav when player #5 arrives.

Tripel the Fox, we suspect your level's script needs some serious optimisation, but I've yet to test whether the problems can happen with just the script on its own and not just with the 30+ other scripts in the Kawaiii preview wad. Just so you know.
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