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Azazel Fire's Character Pack [V5.3] + Models Details »»
Azazel Fire's Character Pack [V5.3] + Models
Version: V.5.3 | MODEL PATCH8, by ThatAzazelFire (The Ghost) ThatAzazelFire is offline
Developer Last Online: Nov 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (11 votes - 2.55 average)
Released: 05-27-2019 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2
Characters Scripts Models

thanks to Otya for making this nice preview

Azazel Fire's Character Pack

This is a Character Pack containing 23 new Characters!


Hollow Knight:

Zote [The Mighty] (Hollow Knight)
Lightweight and harmless. bully him, he can't do anything to you. [4,1]

The Knight (Hollow Knight)
a Silent Protagonist. Acceleration is this guys(?) strong suit. [3,2]

Pure Vessel (Hollow Knight) mind to think... voice to scream crying... will to break... are the Pure Vessel...
you are... The Hollow Knight.
The Pure Vessel is back, and better than ever. now a Heavy Balanced char [5,7]

Broken Vessel (Hollow Knight)
a broken lad. a quick medium weight [7,4]

Great Nailsage Sly (Hollow Knight)
a small dude. with a giant nail. Weighs little. but very fast. [9,3]

Nightmare King Grimm (Hollow Knight)
The God of Nightmares. the Bane of my dam existence. it's the leader of the Grimm Troupe. Heavy Weight with amazing Speed [8,7]


A Sweet and sleepy Plant Girl with a minor temper issue. she'll stand her ground and get back going quickly! [3,6]

The Face of the Pack Creator's existance. a Cute Ghost Boy who is speedy and light weight. [7,2]

Obssessed with Fire. This Banshee tries to win Fire's love, Slow but slightly heavy. [3,4]

Phobia (Created by: Judgement)
The Ex-Lover of Fire, split apart due to worrying of Fire's safety amongst the growing jealousy of Kaleigh. Medium Speedster but a little more heavy. [7,6]

Other Game Characters:

Packy (Bust-A-Move 4)
a Cute little Cat Robot with a big Mission to crush the opposition with it's quick speed [8,4]

Dark Judas (The Binding Of Isaac)
Unfair is the name of his game. Good all round character. [4,6]

Basic Cat (The Battle Cats)
The Basic Cat (Decent Weight. Average Speed) [6,4]

Those Guys (The Battle Cats)
Tanky as hell. high weight, high acceleration despite their size [4,8]

Cheatso The Cheating Jester (Cheatso Saga)
The Cheating Jester. Quite the killer. despite hating to kill. [6,3]
[Features custom voice lines from MeeMfromHH herself!]

Mini Mario (Mario)
Brought to you by the Mario Toy Company. a light weight toy with slow speed. [2,2]

Cotton Cookie (Cookie Run)
Writes Letters to litterally everyone, always in search of love, Pretty fast decent weight [7,3]

Blackberry Cookie (Cookie Run)
apparently a postmortem maid of a mansion. who knew Cookies were this powerful. really fast and decent weight [9,4]

Lime Cookie (Cookie Run)
plays Volleyball often, at least i think. Balanced Speed and Lightweight [5,2]



Feri and Kaleigh (Haunted Duo)
[Halloween 2019]
During October, a curse takes control of Feri, her appearance changes and she becomes very powerful and scary, and now she has an old Rival on her side! [Heavy Weight with the most balanced speed ever.) [5,8]

Snow Pea (PVZ)
a Frozen Plant, costs 175 Sun to plant, and also violates the Green standard (4,4)

whoops. i forgot to download Counter Kart Source. enjoy the texture bug.
(joins the 1,5 bug crew)

Oliver As Latias (Friend Addition)
Oliver is finally in SRB2Kart, i think we finally became MugenKart. if not sue me (don't) [6,6]

Enjoy the new racers, me and Bisonte (and another friend) are spending a lot of time on them.

V5.3: Changes the Old Advendure characters to have "legacy" before their skin name to prevent conflicts from their updated version.

V5.2: Adds Oliver as Latias and fixes a SMALL Thing on NM King Grimm that has been bugging me, hopefully next patch is just for new Wanteds
V5.1: adds Phobia and Null, remind me to download Counter Kart Source next time. Also updates a few wanteds thanks to SuperJustinBros
V5: adds Snow Pea and the Haunted Duo: Kaleigh and Feri
V4: brings back Pure Vessel, updates some other characters and adds in 2 new Cookie Run reps. made by Bisonte. also Redux is finally over. huzzah.
V3DREDUX: adds Cotten Cookie. created by Bisonte and added with their premission
V3CREDUX: updates Feri's sprites to look even better
V3BREDUX: adds Mini Mario
V3AREDUX: Customizes Feri's, Kaleigh's and Fire's Karts
V3REDUX: Adds Nightmare King Grimm, that's it.
2BREDUX: Adds Broken Vessel and updates Battle Cats characters, also removes 3.1A download and reorders the characters based on where they are from in this order [Hollow Knight, OC, Other Games] It also adds Second Color Support for Feri, Cheatso and Nailsage Sly.
3.1A: Changed the coloring of The Knight and Zote: preferred changed to Skunk for both.
3.1: Adds Fire and Kaleigh and changes Feri's preferred to Fuchsia
3.0: Adds Battle Cats Chars, Cheatso, Sly and a Wheel, Updated Packy, Feri, The Knight, Zote and Dark Judas.
2.0: Adds Pure Vessel, Redesigns Feri's sprites and gives Feri a model
1.1: Optimized Sound effects to make them sound better!
1.0: Released!

PATCH 8: updates various models and adds Zero (KIRBY), Basic Cat (Battle Cats) and a Purfio Model of The Knight and Packy

PATCH 7: updates Feri's textures to make them match the updated sprites
PATCH 6: updates various models to match the Customization Update (V3AREDUX) sprites
PATCH 5: Added Nightmare King Grimm model created by Purfio
PATCH 4: Added Ninji's Space Invader and HattyBoyo's Real Dark Matter to models made by yours truely.
PATCH 3: Fixed up Kaleigh and released The Knight's Model
PATCH 2: Added Kaleigh's Model and touched up Feri's
PATCH: Minor fixes to Feri and Fire's Models
RELEASE: well...

Bisonte - Created the Collab chars and aided with some angles on other chars.
Tiniest Turtles - Provided various tips on spriting and modeling
Purfio - created Nightmare King Grimm, Packy and New The Knight models
Kibito ayame - various spriting help. along with providing the basis for Pure Vessel's update and Phobia's Signpost
Super Justin Bros - Created brand new Wanteds for some of the roster!
PizzaDarius and the Kart Krew discord - Moral support when i felt like imploding c:
Oliver As Latias & ProtoAkiato - Former made Oliver and gave me permission to put in my pack, Latter made Oliver's sprites.

A Final Note: This pack has officially been discontinued, this pack doesn't represent my new spriting abilities and it would be too much of a hassle to attempt to redo all of these characters alone, the HK characters will be redone sometime eventually, and the Advendure characters have their own pack with revamped designs. but most of the other characters here are not going to be redone. Thank you for getting me along this Original journey, here's to the new ones.


Lua Version contains Second Color Support (check character list to see who has Second Color Support)

Non-Lua Version available

Additional Versions with Certain characters as well.

You can also download a few models if you use OpenGL

Download Now

File Type: pk3 KC_AzHollowKnightChars_v5.2.pk3 (1.75 MB, 747 views)
File Type: zip Azazel's Char Models(patch8).zip (779.6 KB, 409 views)
File Type: pk3 KC_BisonteCookieRunChars-V5.2.pk3 (389.8 KB, 175 views)
File Type: pk3 KC_AzazelsCharPack-V5.3.pk3 (5.45 MB, 55 views)
File Type: pk3 KCL_AzazelsCharPack-V5.3.pk3 (5.59 MB, 88 views)
File Type: pk3 KC_NullTextureBug-V5.3.pk3 (48.4 KB, 38 views)


Click image for larger version

Name:	Customized update.png
Views:	207
Size:	86.0 KB
ID:	21168   Click image for larger version

Name:	Second Color V2.png
Views:	222
Size:	34.1 KB
ID:	21227   Click image for larger version

Name:	Basic Cat Model.png
Views:	185
Size:	35.2 KB
ID:	22241   Click image for larger version

Name:	Feri 3.0 Model.png
Views:	156
Size:	73.4 KB
ID:	22242   Click image for larger version

Name:	Fire 3.0 Model.png
Views:	194
Size:	44.7 KB
ID:	22243  

Click image for larger version

Name:	Kaleigh 3.0 Model.png
Views:	152
Size:	73.8 KB
ID:	22244   Click image for larger version

Name:	Purfio Knight Model.png
Views:	250
Size:	64.3 KB
ID:	22245   Click image for larger version

Name:	Purfio NM King Grimm Model.png
Views:	1049
Size:	42.8 KB
ID:	22246   Click image for larger version

Name:	Real Dark Matter 3.0 Model.png
Views:	132
Size:	38.4 KB
ID:	22247   Click image for larger version

Name:	Space Invader 3.0 Model.png
Views:	164
Size:	57.3 KB
ID:	22248  

Click image for larger version

Name:	Zero Model.png
Views:	137
Size:	49.1 KB
ID:	22249   Click image for larger version

Name:	Purfio Packy Model.png
Views:	206
Size:	64.9 KB
ID:	22251  

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Old 10-19-2019   #22
The Ghost
ThatAzazelFire's Avatar

v5.2 released
adding Oliver as Latias (with permission from him)

it also fixed up NM King Grimms sprites.

you should check out the single release of this character if you want to play with his proper stats sense i didn't want an ECHO of Phobia.
Just the funny Plant Person

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Old 10-20-2019   #23
Oliver As Latias
Oliver As Latias's Avatar

Originally Posted by ThatAzazelFire View Post
v5.2 released
adding Oliver as Latias (with permission from him)

you should check out the single release of this character if you want to play with his proper stats sense i didn't want an ECHO of Phobia.
Took a while for the approval, but yeah, it's true what he's saying. I did give him permission to add my character to the pack, along with the stats being edited a bit. I will however, post the original with the original stats at some point, so look forward to it. (If not, then that's okay.)
Hey, I'm not a gosh darn stalker, the heck you talking about?
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Old 10-29-2019   #24
The Ghost
ThatAzazelFire's Avatar
Default The End May Be Near

So uh hey

my computer's harddrive broke. so like all my files are at risk of being deleted forever.

so the life and updates of my work may come to an abrupt end. i'm hoping that i'll be able to recover my files.

i will let people know if i'm not screwed.
Just the funny Plant Person

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Old 08-31-2020   #25
The Ghost
ThatAzazelFire's Avatar

The End is here

v5.3 the final(?) update to this age old pack is here.

please read the note added to the end of the main post. and read the changelog for all changes
Just the funny Plant Person

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Old 4 Days Ago   #26

Originally Posted by ThatAzazelFire View Post

New models for Two character's not in my pack!
check em' out~
for some reason, Dark Matter doesn't work for me..
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