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Old 09-19-2010   #221
Back from the dead
trentdude2's Avatar

man i got lucky and found this game on youtube. and im glad i did im having sooo much fun. i also told a couple of friends about it
chaos..........SWISS ROLL
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Old 09-19-2010   #222
RikkiandSparkey's Avatar

i found a video of it when i was...i dunno how old i was but i know i loved it right when i saw it! thats it! END OF QUESTION! and i searched the web like crazy only to find out i wasnt aloud to download it wich i did anyways a few years later...lolz
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Old 09-19-2010   #223
Puppyfaic's Avatar

A friend introduced it to me.
Then I found a hamachi server for it.
Then they linked to the MB.
I got banned within 3 days of making my account because I was a total scrub back then.
Bans were removed, I cheered, MB got a make-over, all is well.
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Old 09-27-2010   #224

about 5 years ago on
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Old 09-27-2010   #225
Can now be ChaosShawnTails
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I was playing a pokemon rpg online and i searched for a sonic game online and it gave me a link to srb2 website. THANK YOU GOOGLE!
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Old 09-27-2010   #226
Joey The Fox
That Twisted Metal Nerd
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I found it a long time ago but didnt download cause I was useing a different computer (AKA my dad's computer) then I forgot about it till june 2010.
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Old 09-28-2010   #227
Knuckles MetalMind
Knuckles MetalMind's Avatar

I was playing lots of mods for Doom and Doom II, as I really liked the game and there were many great modes (Batman Doom specially is amazing even now). Two of those mods where Sonic Doom and Sonic Doom 2, which were made by SSNTails. It needed some work, but it surely was fun back in the day.

Some time later, I bought a magazine which announced Sonic Adventure 2. I didn┤t know anything about the game, and I hadn┤t got a Dreamcast, so I was literally amazed and I emailed SSNTails, asking if he could add Shadow into the game. Then he told me the project was dead and that he was working with more people in making Sonic Robo Blast 2. I was a little sceptical as first (it couldn┤t be better than both Sonic Dooms), but then I played the demo and fell in love.

I┤ve been looking after SRB2 since then. It┤s still one of the best 3D Sonic games out there, counting both official and fan games. If I had to wait 10 years more to play the complete thing, I wouldn┤t mind. It deserves it.
"La vida es una b˙squeda constante hacia algo mejor"
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Old 10-02-2010   #228
Ya Gal Sal Here (σᴥσ)
TehRealSalt's Avatar

*sigh* Going back loooooooonnnnnnngggggg ways. I came at the Halloween days. Man, I've played for so long, once I forgot Christmas existed.
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Old 10-02-2010   #229

Well... I was searching on Google Free Sonic Games and I found site
I was checking games and I found Sonic Robo Blast 2. It was 13 october 2006.
I played it and It was really Cool. When I get older and better on english I started playing netgames and now I am playing it all days with Friends.
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Old 10-03-2010   #230
BotanicJet989's Avatar

I was on Google seaching Sonic Download Games and I found Srb2 v0.90. I completed the game and was told about and from there I downloaded v1.09.4a. Then I've played SRB2 ever since.
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Old 10-06-2010   #231
I'm a Duck "MOO"
Nicko's Avatar

I found it on this old Fan Website
With a section about the game I thought it sounded fun so I clicked on the link
And found myself correct! ^^
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Old 10-06-2010   #232
Friendly lurker, I promise.
Metal-Rawr's Avatar

My cousin found it after searching sonic fangames and showed me it. I didn't like it at the beginning, but then I figured this game can be modified for goodies (I joined at 1.9.4, only 3 zones!). Nowdays, I play this game a thousand times more than my cousin does, and whenever I mention it or try to play it with him, he growls evily.
Always remember to have fun
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Old 11-11-2010   #233
Crazic the Hedghog
Crazic the Hedghog's Avatar

The first time I ever saw SRB2 was quite some time ago, back in 2007 maybe? I think SuperSonicSancuary's video from SRB2JTE. I didn't download it at that time, because I had no idea where it was. About a year later, I was talking to a friend on ROBLOX, he mentioned SRB2, and he told me where to get it (Back then, it was 1.09.4), didn't truely see the community for about a couple of months after joining though.
About a year later, here I am.
AKA: Cirno Conway, Crazygame
YouTube : crazygame54
Steam : Here.
this username brings me agony.
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Old 01-03-2011   #234
VěLT's Avatar

God entered the site in my address bar, I downloaded the game and loved it.
Player since 2004 and professional complainer about the netcode
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Old 01-04-2011   #235
Known as "Paul".
1paulryan's Avatar

Heh, I was REALLY bored one day, and I was playing random sonic games on the internet, and I found the 2.0.5 around a year ago. I played singal player, and I think ONE net game, which was a co op with ..... grrr, Ive only seen him twice, so I dont think Im going to spell this right, but, "Foorman"? Eh. It was a full co op from start to finish with him and about 5 other people. Stoped playing for some reason, and now, a year later, Ive picked it back up again. (Would this be two years later? Since its 2011? lol..)
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Old 01-04-2011   #236
RIOT FTW! And Doesn't Fail!
maxlwin536's Avatar

I found out about SRB2 when my cousins were playing it about 3 years ago. I decided to play it when I got bored on my laptop and spontaineously remembered the game. At first, I was looking up a list of PC versions of sonic games. Then I came across SRB2 as a fan made game. So I started playing, got hooked for a while, then lost the game and decided not to play for a while. Then I got it again, decided not to play ALL the time and now I'm a regular player on SRB2.
I play League of legends(LoL)
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SRB2 Name: Master Sonic(LoL)

I need to post more on all the forums I join :/
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Old 01-06-2011   #237
Steven Duda
steven's Avatar

I made a post in this thread a while ago but I'm posting again just because I'm bored in school right now.

I was searching through youtube one day (I was 12 at the time)

I found a video made by Callum027 playing through 1.09.4, I managed to find and became apart of the srb2 community since. I'm just not active that much here but sometimes I'm in the irc as "wiistevenduda1" just call me steven.
Please visit my youtube channel:
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Old 01-07-2011   #238
Training my mapmaking skill
M[T]P's Avatar

*sigh* Story story.. read below...

When I was a kid my uncle gave me a Sonic Collection disk.
I saw Sonic Robo Blast 2 and when I played it I immediately fell in love with it. =3
Then when I got older (12 or so), I got myself an internet (bad perhaps), then...
I completed the game (yes I forgot about the game, sorry. :( ) after remembering and reinstalled it in my new PC.

Then, I found "" when I completed my game. I immediately opened it.
And saw the latest version is 2.0.6. I checked mine and it was only v.0.7.0. I was like "what the hell". I asked the STJr about any other way to install v.2.0.6 without download fully but it's no hope. So I waited and waited while the download goes on, and now... I'm here! :D
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Old 01-20-2011   #239
jcokeinfinity's Avatar

I found srb2 at You wouldn't believe it M(T)P! But my first version of srb2 was v0.7.0 too! I went to and got version 2.0.4

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Old 01-26-2011   #240
spaghetti coder
Metal96's Avatar

Meh, I found SRB2 'bout 6 years ago, but overlooked it as I was not yet a Sonic fan. 3 years ago I spontaneously remembered the screenshot, and now I was a sonic fan, so I scoured the internet, searching anything I could find into Google Images. A month or so later I found it; my first version was 1.09.4a (lucky me :-P ). I promptly joined the forum after I started modding, back in the days of WADAuthor because I couldn't figure out DB. Then I found SRB2DB. And I'm happy for it.

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