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Old 05-14-2009   #201
Jet the Hedgehog
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I know how 'bout a pinball zone where you turn into a spin dash ball and have to get to the next level by passing through the pinball machines. You know for like an unlockable.
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Old 05-16-2009   #202

A new FOF type: Clip

It's basically an invisible solid FOF, except when you collide with it, as far as far as momentum, control, and playerstate is concerned, you haven't collided with anything.

i.e., if Tails is flying and lands on top of one of these, he'll still be flying, just not moving downwards.

Or if Knuckles glided into the side, he'd keep gliding, and upon moving out of the way, he'll retain previous momentum - no need to accelerate again.

Another thing that could be done is that setting NOCLIMB on the FOF linedef causes you to naturally move away from the center. In the previous two examples, Tails would start moving towards the edge of the FOF, and then would start falling, and Knuckles would also move towards the side. The linedef length could set how forcefully the movement is.

This could be used for more elegant and modern blocking of going to certain areas - if you don't want people to climb or stand on top of that tower you built as scenery, you could just cover it with this FOF, and people would naturally go around it, without it obstructing gameplay as much as a regular FOF.

And of course, NOCLIP makes you pass through these.
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Old 05-16-2009   #203
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How about a 2D track, set up like a NiGHTS track, so that you can move in and out of the bg. This way you could make more complex 2D maps. If no track is added, it acts like normal 2D mode, with you going in a straight line.

Originally Posted by Fawfulfan
Linedef Type 451 - Linedef Executor: Make Level 20% Cooler!
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Old 05-18-2009   #204
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Super emeralds, since the chaos emeralds can be collected by the end of the second zone.
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Old 05-18-2009   #205
Jet the Hedgehog
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How about sub-bosses. For an example a giant crawla with multiple health must be destroyed to pass on to the next area. Things like giant jetysyns and giant buzzes would work too.
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Old 05-20-2009   #206
Emblem Radar Ready
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A way for socers to actually use the command that lets both Jetteson Gunner and the turret to shot more than one time.

A version of the sector triggers (then ones you either have to walk on to or into the sector of) where the badnik trigger it instead.
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Old 05-23-2009   #207
Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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Default Cuss filter?

I was wondering about how srb2 1.09.4a picks up the word "/me" and how it changes the sentence.

Well, could that thing that senses "/me" be possible to filter out cuss words?
You also could have an option cuss filter on or off.

E.g "Ugh I hate this **** level!" (with filter)
E.g "ugh I hate this darn level!" (without filter)

(Yes, I know darn is not a cuss word,but that is not the point.)
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Old 05-23-2009   #208
Now with less viruses
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The ability to make socs work for specific characters.
Char: Sonic
That would be useful for making character specific abilities like having robotic characters have a partial immunity to acid water.(It takes a shorter time to drown too)
That would be extremely helpful.
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Old 05-24-2009   #209
Prime 2.0
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MIDI loop points.
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Old 05-26-2009   #210
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InstantSonic shouting "SONIC ROBO BLAST TWOOOOOO" at the title screen.
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Old 05-26-2009   #211

I have an important question about ME's ability to switch regular 1P/Co-op to 2D. Does it automatically switch to a certain direction or is there a way to specify it? Also, does it happen to one player or all players? And is it indicated by a sector, linedef, a thing, or a mix?
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Old 05-26-2009   #212
Dr.Pepper's Avatar

:SonicMaster:'s Vibrant Vendetta level as an un-lockable single player stage.
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Old 05-26-2009   #213
Your best friend
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^ I'll Begin's post.

'Nuff said. :P
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Old 05-29-2009   #214
:SonicMaster:'s Avatar

Linedef Type xxx: Play Sound in Tagged Sector

This linedef executor will find a Sound Source Thing in the tagged sector and play the sound effect from the exact location of the Sound Source Thing. The sound effect choice is indicated by the linedef length.

I've wanted to use this several times, but I couldn't.
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Old 05-29-2009   #215

The ability for the server to "correct" the client about where any objects are or are not, and what state they're in. You don't even have to do anything with it, just give the server the ability do so. It would be useful for server hosts to be able to make simple modifications to their server without having to distribute the EXE to everyone who wants to join through this method.

i.e., if someone wanted to make a server where everybody instantly died from one shot, then when anybody got hit while they had rings, the host could, in simplified terms, "tell" all the clients "oh btw that guy who just got hit actually died, rather than got hurt and none of his rings or weapons actually dropped and the guy who hit him got 100 points instead of 50"
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Old 05-29-2009   #216
KirbyGotenksabsorbed's Avatar

Dash rings that tails can fly through.
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Old 05-29-2009   #217
ArchPack developer
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- Only-enemy intangible FOF:
A FOF which only enemies can pass through, but the character can not. Think of a factory where there is a conveyor belt that carries enemies; they come from "somewhere" you can't access because there's an only-enemy intangible FOF as wall.

- Enemy Generator thing:
A thing that generates enemies; flags/linedef can set which enemy will be generated or generate at random.

- Damage Enemy Sector:
If an enemy walks into a Damage Enemy Sector, such enemy is damaged /destroyed.

- Breakable glass:
Behave as a breakable rock, but instead of rock debris and a noise of a rock being broken, glass bits and noise of a glass being broken.
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Old 05-29-2009   #218
My name is not a troll
Someone's Avatar

A Software windowed mode that isnt locked to 320x240.

I never play fullscreen any more, at least add this! OpenGL has it, so how hard could it be?
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Old 05-30-2009   #219
:SonicMaster:'s Avatar

The ability to support MSGS extended patches.
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Old 05-30-2009   #220
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How about a few things

1. Some kind of 2d level of Green hill Zone
2. Maybe Some kind of Cheat that gives you Super Sneakers forever
3. Maybe like one of them said Sub-bosses
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