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The Master
The Master
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Default Tips and Tricks for beginners

Post your tips and/or tricks here for the beginners on SRB2.

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When you are facing a player on the opposite team of you, use the automatic ring to cut their rings quickly. This saves time and frustration of the team you are on.

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nightmare cenz
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Here's a good one, Make sure you always have a shield to protect you and your stuff.
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Chaotic Chao
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When jumping in dangerous areas, don't thok, or else you could end up bleeding eternally until death finally pays you a visit.
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PROTIP: To defeat Robotnik, hit him until he dies.
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Locked User

Before you get frustrated and start looking for walkthroughs or cheats, look around you, or go back a bit. Maybe you need to defeat an enemy you left behind, or press a switch. Also, try finding another path to continue.
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Here are a few tips:

1. Always contribute to your team. Don't just stand there and do nothing. Help by protecting your base or going for the flag or something else. Even if you have a very good player in your team you should still do something.
2. Gather weapons. Each weapon is useful and can get you out of a tough spot.
3. Do not ragequit. If you are losing and you just can't win don't give up and keep trying.
4. Do not always focus on grabbing the emeralds. I once played a game where a person on the other team only searched for the emeralds the entire game. My team ended up winning in the end. The person could've helped the other team a lot, but instead focused on the emeralds the entire game. I know that the emeralds can give you an upper hand, but sometimes it can backfire (Note:Some people may disagree with me, but this has worked for me).
5. Like Cenz said make sure you always have a shield to protect your weapons and rings.
I'll post tricks next time.
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Don't be an idiot and stand still to aim. You'll easily get shot at.
If you're new to using mouse, don't put the sensitivity too high for your aiming to be inaccurate.
Make sure to never run in a straight line. Always strafe to make yourself a more difficult target for your opponent to hit you.

PROTIP: If you ever face SSS, run the hell away.
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Another tip: Learn how to strafe if you don't know(I don't strafe. I'm trying to find a way to add this to my current controls).
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Sky The Destroyer
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Cooperate in Coop. Race in Race. Capture the flag in CTF. Hide in Hide & Seek if you are not it. Fight each other in Match.
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MascaraSnake's Avatar

Originally Posted by Sky The Destroyer View Post
Hide in Hide & Seek.
And what if you're IT?

Actually, this whole topic could be replaced by the only valid tip: Play a lot and get a feel for the game. Unless you're completely confused, you will know what to do.

Additionally, this here might help.
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Prime 2.0
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Jump is /
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Sky The Destroyer
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Spindash is .
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*Omochao voice* Always have at least one ring!
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i 2 i
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1. Shoot at people.
2. Don't get shot at.
1. Be faster.
2. Come in first.
1. Grab the enemy flag.
2. Bring it back to your base.
1. Press ESC.
2. Navigate to "Switch Level" and choose a different gametype.
1. Don't die.
2. Go to the end of the level.
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MascaraSnake's Avatar

Has this turned into the "try desperately to be funny" topic or what?
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Locked User

Make sure to use the skills of each shield.

Force Shield: Takes 2 hits before disappearing. Useful for places with various traps or enemies
Whirlwind Shield: Allows you to do a midair jump with the spin button. Good for reaching high or far places, or to recover from a fall.
Elemental Shield: Protects you from fire, slime, etc. Also leaves a fire trail when spinning that does damage to whoever steps on it.
Attraction Shield: Passively attracts nearby rings to you, including weapon rings and rings thrown by others. I guess it's usefulness is quite obvious.
Armageddon Shield: My personal favorite. Damages all nearby enemies when the spin button is pressed or when you get hit. Useful for enemy-flooded areas, or in matches.

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ThunderNova's Avatar

ErickTH: You forgot to mention, the "ATTRACTION shield" attracts ALL rings, including weapon rings other people shoot at you. I tried it myself.
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Emblem Radar Ready
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When making levels, if you want to port a level, never port it from another Doom or Wolfenstine 3D based game. Build the level from scratch and use the original map as reference. This is only good for learning your level builder and figuring out how to recreate certain gimmicks.

It is advised to not release these types of levels as they may not play well in SRB2, and not all gimmicks work within SRB2.
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Is actually
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Hopefully this helps.
Hide and Seek tips:
(If you're hiding)
-Change your color to the color of wherever you're hiding. This applies especially to Knuckles.
-Don't hide at the same place as others. If you do, the seeker will find you more easily.
-Don't, I repeat, DON'T grab any shields unless you're going to hide in slime or lava, in that case, you need a green shield to hide in damaging liquids.
-Don't, don't, and for the love of god don't hide where the IT player can see you before hiding time runs out.
-Use teamspeak (y key)
-Don't give hints to the IT player

(If you're IT)
-Don't move too slowly.
-Use Bomb rings to make it easier to hit people
-When you're underwater, look for the bubble streams. If one of those streams never has any big bubbles, then it's a player.
-Look behind trees and rocks and the like.
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9999 damage.
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Aherm, why the hell not.

If seriously it's the first time playing in match/ctf or whatever, put crosshair on and autoaim. We all start somewhere.

Rings hint:

Normal: Spam if your with Knux.
Scatter: Shoot in the same direction and different sides(shooting by going left and right) Grenade: You can shoot it in dark place or in different spots.
Rail: Think that's a sniper but you gotta hide very well(usefull with Crosshair)
Bomb: Well, I most of the time shoot it toward the ground at a specific angle
Automatic: Make sure you have alot of rings.

I'm pretty sure that I saw that somewhere related to Jazz.

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