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Jasper for 2.1 - New whimsical abilities! Details »»
Jasper for 2.1 - New whimsical abilities!
Version: 2.1, by StarmakerJasper (Hey, that's my pudding!) StarmakerJasper is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (9 votes - 4.44 average)
Released: 09-23-2014 Last Update: Never Installs: 6
Characters SOCs Sprites/Graphics

Spoiler: Changelog
11/14/2014 ~ Updated sound files for 2.1.12.
09/23/2014 ~ Initial Release

With a few new tricks and some of old, Jasper returns to SRB2 in his most complete form yet! A couple of things with old 2.0 Jasper were ironed and improved on, such as a brand spanking new super form and other frames being tweaked, yet at the same time Jasper still retains a lot of the old spindash and land gameplay that he's (slightly) known for.

Shooting Star - The Shooting Star is a unique ability that allows Jasper to shoot stars below him to gain additional air. This ability is performed by hitting the jump button in the air. They can be shot whenever as long as you still have stars left over (maximum of 5). Be wary of how many stars you have when you jump into a situation, as if you run out you won't be able to ascend any higher!


Spark Burst - Arriving from his trip to the Great Divide is the Spark Burst, a close range explosion that harms anything close enough to Jasper. This ability is performed by hitting the spin button in the air. Performing the Spark Burst also brings Jasper to a halt and puts him into a curl if he wasn't before. However, be careful where you use the Spark Burst as it prevents you from firing stars until you land!


The zip included contains both the normal version of Jasper and the voiceless version, which is conveniently named JasperMute. Extra screenshots and gifs are found in the attachments. Enjoy!

Spoiler: Known Issues
- Super Spark Burst causes a crash if used in flipped gravity
- Starcount displays in Nights mode for no reason
- Harming/killing other players in multiplayer requires unique messages
- A super Jasper player makes constant and annoying pain sounds when hit by a barrage of automatic rings
- Life icon is always red due to how super colors work with 1up monitors
- Spark Burst can be used while hanging
- Spark Burst can be used with an Armageddon Shield
- Jasper's starcount display doesn't move for two player mode
- Whirlwind Shield is replaced with a Pity Shield
- No nose
Spoiler: To-Do List
- Optimization of Lua and SOCs [In Progress]

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Old 07-13-2017   #62

Thanks for this work.
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Yes. Sonic and Gun exists
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Jasper looks nice. IRemey made an MD2 for him
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