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Default What is the most technically impressive level in SRB2 (not limited to 2.1 or Kart)

So, I recently played through a really well done emw5 port that was released on the community discord. What impressed me about was how oddly cinematic it was, and how technically impressive it was in terms of SOC, especially if it was released during the 1.09.4 days

Yes, In SOC, back in the day where the SOC language was likely a lot more limited and stupid.

This got me thinking, what is the most technically impressive SRB2 level out there.

The levels that manage to disregard and sometimes destroy any and all perceived limitations, the levels that not only shock, but thoroughly impress you, regardless of the actual quality of the level itself?

This doesn't have to be limited to 2.1 nor Kart, It can be from any version of SRB2, modded or otherwise, and I look forward to those kind of answers as I'm a little curious about what qualified as above and beyond back in those days.

I'll start the thread right here:

2.1: This one was a tough one to choose, but I'd probably have to go with Star Genesis from SUBARASHII. This one blew me away the first time I saw it, It played very similarly to the final boss of Kirby: Planet Robobot, and is technically the most impressive show of Lua I've ever seen.

People would've gotten really close, in terms of spectacle, to match the technicality of this final boss (Doomsday Disaster being a very close second), as it was just that spectacular. I can't explain it justice, just finish SUBARASHII with all of the Chaos Emeralds and you'll eventually see what I mean.

Kart: So far, no Kart map has ever went to go above and beyond in terms of technicality, so I had to go with map design on this one. My mind went back and forth until eventually landing on Clock Towers Zone K from the Fickle Hearts pack. Mainly due to the fact that its skybox thoroughly impressed me by somehow acting as an extension of the stage.

Not just as a mere cylinder encompassing the stage, but you could see it interconnecting the stage and the background together seamlessly as if it were part of the stage itself, the true shock moment came when, not too far into the track, you'd go outside and you'd see the towering clock tower that you were just in, and that's when my mind got absolutely obliterated, just by a neat visual detail within the stage.
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I think the most technically impressive level that I've played that sticks out most in my mind right now is Sonic Dumbventure for its time, due to just how much stuff it did with SOC alone... Cutscenes, a thing that checked what enemies you had defeated in the level, the fact that there were multiple transitions to multiple different locations in said level, going from 2D to 3D and back. Nowadays this is all really easily done with Lua (probably) but I've never learned how SOC could produce such a thing so it really feels technically advanced for the methods used.
Originally Posted by Cirno
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Dumbventure rocks. Was there ever a sequel?
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Kart's Volcanic Valley looks like something out of an N64 game. When Blitz first showed it off, I was stunned. I hope we get more maps like it if UDMF becomes commonplace around here.
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Vanilla SRB2, Sugoi 2 secret final boss is the most impressive thing i have seen so far.

Kart wise, it has to go to Volcanic Valley. You know im a sucker for Slopes.
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For Vanilla Srb2 maps, I just can't get enough of Castle Eggman. I'm honestly just a complete sucker for the Medieval aesthetic, and I have a shit ton of nostalgia for it.

For Custom Srb2 maps, I've gotta give it to Scarlet Palace. The use of gorgeous contrasting colours, intricate level design, and very detailed and well thought out architecture just makes this level a joy to explore. I've honestly spent hours in this level just roaming around and finding all of the secrets, and this level gives me massive Persona 5 vibes, so that's another huge plus as well.

For Kart, popular opinion by the looks of it, but yeah it's Volcanic Valley for me. The visuals are breath taking, the use of slopes is excellent, and the quality and contrast of the textures makes this level really stand out for me amongst all the other maps in Kart.
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Skytop zone from Sugoi 1.

That is the only level I know that made the most intensive use of slopes, from everything down to up the ceilling was covered by it.
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Originally Posted by SSNTails View Post
Dumbventure rocks. Was there ever a sequel?
DOOD was working on one featuring Paper Mario + gameplay mechanics at some point around the time lua was first introduced but before slopes came around, it looked awesome but it's not finished...
Originally Posted by Cirno
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