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Default I found SRB2JTE! The 1.09.4 wad and exe.

Yes. I have found the .wad and .exe for JTE's SRB2JTE. I was looking through a closet I haden't opened in 5 years. And I found a bunch of CD's that I had lying around. And luckily for me, I had some SRB2 files burned onto the disc.. and SRB2JTE was one of them!

I went and stormed through the older topics and couldn't quite find the topic; The only one I found was one from the older days. (i.e. 1.08-1.09.2)

And even then, it's links were broken.

So without further ado, I present to you SRB2JTE! You may freely download it, and I may edit the topic again to add a more permanent link than a Sendspace one.

This exe mod is NOT for the latest SRB2 version. It is for 1.09.4.

Get this first if you haven't: Get 1.09.4!

And then here is SRB2JTE: JTE's awesome mod :3

Just noticed the link is DEAD. Going to reform it soon.

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