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Originally Posted by 犬夜叉 View Post
They won't be releasing it here.

We're trying to phase out all versions prior to 2.0 with this. Seriously, why use something as old and outdated as 1.09.4 now?

The bots are stupid (in an AI sense) and everyone knows this.

JTE himself is a damn good coder, if I say so myself; we've used his fixes for things numerous times.
There are a few mods that aren't being ported to 2.0 ya know...
And some people DON'T CARE if its outdated.(I don't...) Even if something's old, some will still use it. Hell, I'm still seeing people with gba's even though it's outdated. Same thing with older versions of SRB2. Some people HATE 2.0.(somebody else sure does >_> but not me, and I am not saying his name) Thats what I don't like about people, they like to get rid of old things too much. But some may come back to haunt you... or not. You don't see Sony getting rid of the PS2 do you?
And sure, the bots are stupid. But in match, they are not so bad... :l
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