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If SRB2 version 2.2 won't have MIDI-type music for the vanilla game (which it likely won't, from what I can tell), will "sequence" files for version 2.2's OGG-type music be released anyway for people to be able to "mod" the music more easily?
I do not expect the soundfonts or such, but at least having the proper note pitches and timings could be nice and fun for people who want to play around with it, e.g. for changing the instruments or learning how to play the music on a piano or something.
Just to clarify, the MIDIs will still be in music.dta. There isn't a sound font for a majority of the OGG soundtrack since it's being recorded with real instruments and synths. Most of the 2.2 OST isn't deviating far from previous versions of the songs, so you'd be able to work off of older MIDIs anyway.
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