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Okay after examining this video
I can conclude at 1:30 that his upper body does not twitch at all. However, his spines do move. That may be something I need to look into, however it will be quite hard to accomplish in a nice looking manner, as I would need to rig his spines with bones like the rest of him. Adding new bones would mean completely re-doing the animations all over again.

This video actually shows more running and less spinning.

SADX actually has about 3 stages of running. Walking, running, and full speed running. I opted to animate his full speed running.

I decided this because I have only four frames to animate it in, and the bobbing motion is hard to do without at least twice that. It would essentially be only two different heights ( full stride and half stride, low point and high point), and be a constant strobe between the two if I tried to do it in four frames. I decided that it would not look very good.
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