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Originally Posted by Callum View Post
Yeah, I know. I am experimenting with trying to fix it.
One reason why the game may not work/or load is because the PKG file isn't signed. By SIGNED I mean by when the PS3 tries to install it, it won't let it because the software is not by Sony. If it is signed then someone can probably try again. I'm going to test it out and see what happens. Will report back here later.

EDIT: Scratch everything I mentioned. The game does indeed install and load up, but the game won't run exactly. I can't notice what it says because the load screen seems to just appear and dissapear. It sucessfully installed and runs. Only thing is how/or where to put the game files: srb2.srb, music.dta, sonic.plr ETC.

I have a feeling that I know where the files need to go. Going to report back in a bit.

EDIT 2: I know where the files must go, thing is, it still couldn't find the srb2.wad. It found the other files just right: music.dta zones, etc. This could be something to look into Callum. I'll test anything you have updated if needed.

EDIT 3: Sorry for so much edits but, "srb2.wad doesn't have the right PWAD ID" something like that. Something to look into.

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