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This character is awesome! I love the how distinct the different emerald powers are, while still having interconnected uses! I think the only one I haven't found a good use for is the orange emerald, but if it also makes you immune to spikes, then I can see tons of neat things you could do with it.
However, I have a few critiques and suggestions that I think would make this WAD much more enjoyable:

1) The Super Sonic sprites are off --the top two spines should be curved inwards, not outwards. so instead of looking like this:

It should look something like this:

2) I think it would be really cool if the Super Sonic screen-nuke thingy gave you a tiny bit of upwards momentum. Not enough to make you gain infinite height normally, but if you use it in conjunction with the purple emerald's power, you could have a method of "flying". That way, it isn't too broken and still requires some amount of skill to be useful. Sorta like bomb-jumping in Metroid.

3) I don't really see the usefulness of the electric shield's ability. Sure, you hover above the ground, but when would this be useful during normal play? Only a select few situations, surely. The other shields have uses that aren't limited by situation. The aqua-flame shield gives you extra height, especially when bouncing off an enemy. The wind shield is just a double jump. The force-shield gives you a stomp-manuver for precision platforming or incase you overshoot a jump. I don't see where this is useful, since most enemies can probably still hit you at that height. I think it'd be more useful if it made you hover very slightly higher than your normal jump-height. I guess you could use it in sections with lots of lava, but that only adds a tiny bit of usefulness that the aqua-flame shield already fills.
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