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1.1 needs some more useful console commands:

eval <operator> <numbers or variables>

The purpose of this command is to compute simple or complex math using the prefix notation rather than the infix notation; for example, if I wanted to compute 2+2, I would type:

eval + 2 2

Or if I wanted to compute 2+(3*2):

eval + 2 * 3 2

Now, if I wanted to compute 1+3 something and store it in a variable, I'd do this:

eval = AliasedVariable + 1 3

It's pretty basic and it can't possibly be that hard to implement.

comp <output_type> <operator> <numbers or variables>

This command follows the same concept as "eval" except it works more like a hex calculator. For example, if I wanted to compute 2+2 and I wanted the output to be equal to one byte, I would do this:

comp byte + 2 2

Or, if I wanted to compute 255+255 and I wanted the output to be equal to one word (or two bytes to those not familiar with hacker-lingo), I would type this:

comp word + 255 255

And the output would be FFFF.


The purpose of this command is to force any commands being processed by the console to stop immediately.

dumpmap <filename>

This is especially useful if one wishes to get a dump of a map exactly as it is at the time of dumping; for example, if the player picked up some items and killed one or two enemies, then the map would be modified as such. Maybe not very useful to the newbie player, but could be very useful for developers.

dumpvis <filename>

Useful for dumping what SECTOR numbers, how many THINGs, how many SEGs and how many NODEs are in the player's view at the time of dumping; also, if you guys use this, be sure to include a dump of the player's coordinates on the BLOCKMAP and maybe his offset in REJECT (in hex?) in the exported log file.

dumpthing <thing#> <filename>

Takes the corresponding THING # as it was placed in an editor and dumps it's coordinates and flags in hex into whatever <filename> is. Also more of a developer thing than much else.

envtest <line#> <filename>

Retests the player's polar coordinates against the line set in <line#> and exports the player's distance from that line in X, Y, and "Z" into <filename>. More for developers.
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