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tl;dr: You gotta make what you wanna see. You might get help, but if you haven't done anything yourself, asking for it will make you look a lot like an idea guy. Nobody likes the idea guy.

This community is no stranger to single creators completing massive units of work on their own -- even though group efforts have started to become more common recently (a welcome blessing, for certain,) many characters and mods are still largely solo work.

So, yeah, in a way I expect you to do the whole thing yourself. No one really deserves any assistance, but I'm sure if you post your work and ask for feedback there'll be plenty of people happy to help you improve. If you can find someone willing to help you out, by all means, accept their help, but demanding it like this is going to work against your own interests of finding that help... and that's something I can promise.

... by the way, we haven't actually seen that 50% of work-
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