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Just a little window into my thought process, for those interested in understanding the changes between the old and new. Generally speaking it is my philosophy to take elements which defined the original of a soundtrack and turn them into something more. Egg Rock is the one roadblock in the soundtrack where that strategy seemed to stop working for me.

Part of the reason I went with such a dramatic departure on ERZ is because I felt the old tracks didn't give me anything useful to work with. The identical solo taking up the entirety of both acts felt like bad form, so I didn't want that. The solos contained no leitmotif, so I couldn't draw anything from there. There was no variance in song progression, so that didn't help. The chords felt sloppy to me because the bass implies different root notes than the chords which come afterward, so I didn't want to copy that. That basically left me with the bass and the drumline. At the time, we were also expecting Metal Sonic to still be the third act of ERZ, so I wanted to tie those pieces together somehow. So I modified the bassline to incorporate more of the new Metal Sonic tune's bass "hook" which had been created.

So what little is left of old ERZ is sort or interspersed between the two tracks. ERZ1 still holds a similar tempo, incorporating the old bass line and similar percussion to its predecessor, and ERZ2 is much more aggressive in its deviation, only referencing the original solo about halfway through. I knew this would probably be a contentious decision, but I went through with it this way because I wanted ERZ to sound more appropriately like "Sonic" music, and I didn't feel I could do this while honoring the main sticking points set forth by the originals.

I think ERZ is great, people need to get used to it, I really don't want to go back to the old one.
P.S. the synth preset for 2:20 in ERZ2 is SICK!
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