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I don't like the new Metal Sonic track, either. The original had this great sense of frantic urgency, perfectly encapsulating the desperate race against the bot. The new track just doesn't have that same tone. Additionally, in a time where the official franchise keeps pandering to nostalgia, I'm not a fan of the same thing happening in this game. I've heard Stardust Speedway so much I'm almost sick of it, which is quite an achievement, considering how good that song is. When the rest of the soundtrack is entirely original, aside from some of the bonus levels, it's jarring to hear one of the final tracks suddenly go all "remember these old themes?" on me.
This is a really weird complaint to me. Why would a song for a Metal Sonic race not reference the closest thing he has to a theme song? It's not like Eggman, where's he had a myriad of themes over the years and thus you expect the game to have a new composition--Metal Sonic in a Classic Sonic context and Stardust Speedway Bad Future are nearly inextricable, for better or for worse. BRZ1 NOT referencing it would feel strange, to be honest.

Also Stardust Speedway leitmotif is an amazing track and I'll never get tired of hearing it to be blunt lol
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