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Hi, first and maybe only time poster. I don't really like engaging in forum communities, but I've been a big fan of the game for little over a decade, and I felt too strongly about this topic to just keep my opinions to myself.

I want to preface my complaints my first saying that I absolutely adore most of the new soundtrack. The tracks are great arrangements of the originals, adding their own touch while still being reminiscent of the soundtrack I already loved. Every act I couldn't wait to hear the new song awaiting me. And I eagerly anticipated Egg Rock the most. Act 1 and 2 were my absolute favorite tracks of the original by far, and I couldn't wait to hear what amazing things had been done with them. Then I got to the stages, where I was met by utter disappointment. That amazing guitar melody I loved so much was nowhere to be found. The original tracks managed to set an amazing tone for the levels, giving an air of menace and climatic finality while hearkening back to the best of Sonic Adventure's fantastic soundtrack, particularly tracks like Crank Up the Heat. And I don't understand why they were so radically changed. I can still hear old GFZ in new GFZ. I can still hear old ACZ in new ACZ. But what remains of old ERZ is so little the tracks are less new arrangements of the old songs and more entirely original songs lightly inspired by the old tracks. And while they're not bad songs, they just don't live up to the originals. Of particular note is the guitar that has so much electronic fuzz that I genuinely can't tell if its real or not. Fake guitar never sounds as good as the real deal, so I don't understand this choice. And I can't lie, when I found that Aerial Garden, a track I always found incredibly uninteresting and just another item on the list of things I don't like about that zone (which is bigger than the list of things I do like about that zone), got an incredibly faithful arrangement, yet ERZ didn't, I was a bit peeved.

I don't like the new Metal Sonic track, either. The original had this great sense of frantic urgency, perfectly encapsulating the desperate race against the bot. The new track just doesn't have that same tone. Additionally, in a time where the official franchise keeps pandering to nostalgia, I'm not a fan of the same thing happening in this game. I've heard Stardust Speedway so much I'm almost sick of it, which is quite an achievement, considering how good that song is. When the rest of the soundtrack is entirely original, aside from some of the bonus levels, it's jarring to hear one of the final tracks suddenly go all "remember these old themes?" on me.

I'd like to reiterate that I love the majority of the new soundtrack. The talent and effort behind it clearly shows. I'm just absolutely baffled and disappointed by the changes to what used to be my favorite songs in the game.
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