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Originally Posted by JEV3 View Post
Really? Deep Sea Zone feels like the most Ecco-ish of all the levels in the game, and I'm not just saying that because of the water. There's a lot of exploration, the pacing is a little more slow, the architecture itself FEELS dark and deep... [...]
Yes, but I haven't played Ecco, so any resemblance to Ecco's soundtrack doesn't affect me positively (nor negatively).

I'm not saying that Deep Sea Zone Act 1's music doesn't fit in the level style or trope of Deep Sea Zone Act 1... but when I think of "Deep Sea Zone music", I think of the main piano melody featured in 2.2's act 2 and both acts of 2.1. Neither that melody nor even a piano in general seems to be in 2.2's act 1 music, based on my memory of having played the first act for over half an hour just now to collect emblems, which is why I don't feel that it fits in "Deep Sea Zone".

(And in 2.2, Deep Sea Zone seems to have a completely different main melody and theme in the music of act 1 and the music of act 2; In my opinion, the other zones have a slight difference in melody or theme from one act to the other, not really much difference in both at the sime time, let alone as much difference as between Deep Sea Zone's acts.)

TL;DR: 2.2's DSZ1's music fits nicely in the style/trope of Deep Sea Zone, just not in Deep Sea Zone specifically, in my opinion, because that I'm used to the main piano melody from 2.1.
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