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I've enjoyed 2.2's soundtrack a lot. I definitely still have nostalgia for 2.1's tracks, and don't remember 2.2's soundtrack by heart yet, but I still very much like 2.2's soundtrack.

However, while I like Deep Sea Zone Act 1's music on its own, it doesn't feel right in Deep Sea Zone to me. The style and/or overall melody feels far too different from 2.1's DSZ1/DSZ2 music, and even from 2.2's DSZ2 music, to me. Which makes sense, considering that...
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[...] The irony is that this track was never meant to be a serious proposal for [DSZ1]; Shane described it as a "joke track" he made in a few hours to make Deep Sea Zone sound like Ecco the Dolphin. [...]
...but it still doesn't feel right in Deep Sea Zone to me, even if the music itself is nice.

All of the other music feels appropriate for its use to me, it's just this one act that feels odd.
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