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The GFZ1 track takes a little getting used to because the original (especially the intro) is so seared into people's brains that it feels off when your subconscious is expecting it.
So if there has to be one edit to the GFZ1 track, I'd say just make the intro more like the original. The rest is definitely great.
This is a fair point. I'd consider changing it, but by the time I did so, many people likely would have already gotten used to the 2.0.0 intro. And then we'd have the same problem. Rinse and repeat, lol

Deep Sea was never that good IMO, so any change to it is a welcome improvement.
I actually felt the original was pretty decent but just needed a couple coats of paint. I really love the direction Shane went with Act 1, though.

Red Volcano I'm less thrilled with, but it's passable. I love the new prehistoric motif that gives the stage exactly what it needed, but the music isn't quite as menacing as the difficulty....which leads me to...
I think both current RVZ1 and RVZ2 are pretty solid on their own, but the two acts are a bit similar to each other. While I didn't get time to, I was considering creating an "extra" track which basically would have been a remix of RVZ with the old tempo. Mixing this with the newly established tropical vibe would be an interesting experiment.

If there's any tracks I'd have to pick as being at the bottom of the barrel in the new arrangements, it's Egg Rock. Yeah, the old version was pretty repetitive, but the new one just seems too unmemorable/ambient (Sonikku actually pointed this out to me as well, unprompted). I don't know what the fix is for here, although I will say that I do very much like this take on it:
Egg Rock Zones 1 and 2 are tracks that I expected to get a lot of mixed feedback on. I'm pretty satisfied with how they came out, but I can understand how some people would feel like something's missing, as they definitely have a different feel to them (particularly Act 1). I'm curious if these new takes will grow on people over time or if the eventual ERZ level remakes make them feel more fitting.

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