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Right, SP review time.

#1) Elemental Mansion - SonicMaster

I've given you the review before, and I'll just say that the extension on the second exit really was a great thing.

#2) Arid Oasis - Hyperknux

2D mode sucks, and rarely is good to play. Here, at least, you made something mildly entertaining with it. It's also rather scenic.

#3) Limestone Ruin - Chaos

Ok, seriously. Big maps aren't always good maps. This map also, I believe, extends beyond the 32k x 32k BLOCKMAP limitation. Enemy placement is horrendous, and the level itself is just so dull that I quit playing after a while.

#4) Techno Meadows -

Basically the polar opposite of Limestone Ruin. Everything is so absurdly cramped, it's ridiculous. This is also obviously your first map.

#5) Limestone Lake - Zanyhead

There is some real potential here, but it's also washed away by so many issues. It's really hard to tell which way you're supposed to go. I got lost just about every other turn I made. I also only found the exit goal by sheer luck. There are way, way too many enemies as well. Challenge comes from level design as much as it does enemies, and you're relying on enemies way too much for a challenge.

#6) Magma Core - Blade T. Hedgehog

This was fun, really fun. The textures were a bit on the dull side, though, and the music really isn't all that suited for the level. That said, I love some of the ideas and execution here, though the falling rocks should probably go. There are also some issues with some of the obstacles being a bit too obtrusive. But overall, this was good.
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