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I haven't shut down discussion at all. Time gear is literally continuing with their idea and I am generally very uninterested in arguing about it. It's not like me using the term "we" is something authoritarian.
All I have done is try to explain why using Super Sonic's regular moveset is a valid option with potential to it, just as the other options are. You have replied every time with effectively "You can't do that without the boss being simple and easy" even though this is plainly false. If you aren't interested in arguing over it, you shouldn't be instigating the argument in such a way as to keep me on the defensive. If you aren't aiming to shut down discussion on it, then stop acting like it not being viable is objective truth just because of your inability to imagine how it could work. It would be much more constructive to just say it how it is; that you personally don't see how it could work and that it would be up to others to figure that out, as opposed to outright dismissing it.
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