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Please, this entire discussion is not whether we can do this but rather whether we should do this and it's blatantly obvious, if we to make things fair, that we shouldn't. Throwing random concepts that utilize Super Sonic in new and difficult ways into the final boss that the player has never even seen or used before is ridiculous but it is what's necessary if we want to make a hard final boss that doesn't just give Eggman 100 lasers.
Now this, this I completely disagree with.

First of all, there's no "we", anybody here is free to talk about the potential ways a stage like this could be done in SRB2, that's what I was trying to do with this discussion, throwing ideas here and discuss wether or not they would work considering how the devs see the game as a whole.

Now, I do think both a NiGHTS style stage and a 3D stage could be made for the game, the question is not which one should they make, but working out how either option could work, that was my initial intention for this thread, I think it's fine if it goes other places, but I don't think you should be shutting off ideas just because you personally don't think they should make them real.
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