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unless we want a very simplistic and easy boss, the Super Sonic moveset will not work.
Again, you only think this is true because of your lack of imagination to see the potential in it. You mistake your lack of vision as objective truth. For example, take the concept of Doomsday Zone's opening phase, a boss that is rushing to get away from Sonic whist occasionally firing missiles at him to slow him down. This could be applied to Super Sonic's 3D moveset by creating something of an obstacle course for Sonic to cross in his Super Form, designed around that moveset.

On occasion, Eggman fires missiles at Sonic in an attempt to slow him down and potentially cause him to fall into a bottomless pit. Sonic must dodge these missiles whilst avoiding falling behind too much, collecting rings along the way to maintain his transformation. Instead of attacking Eggman directly, perhaps some of the missiles are differently colored and Sonic can jump into them to reflect them back at Eggman. Alternatively, the goal could be to find buttons to push that cause Eggman's rockets to turn on him and deal damage, or to fire new rockets at him.

In either event, there are ways to teach the player on the fly simply through observation and cues rather than assuming they are incapable of adapting to this boss the same way they adapted to, say, the DSZ boss or CEZ boss when they presented new elements that weren't seen in the levels before them. As this is the final boss, the player is to be treated as though they are experienced with the game, not as though they are a total beginner who has no idea what they are doing.

Just because you can't personally think of a way to make a boss work within a certain gameplay style does not make it objective truth that it can't be done. As such, yes, I do believe there are ways to make it work even with the Egg Reverie style and NiGHTS style. It is pure arrogance to simply dismiss the potential of any of the three styles just because you personally lack the imagination to make it work as anything other than an easy boss.

As an additional note: Complexity and Difficulty are not directly linked. Doomsday Zone is a fairly difficult boss the first time you play through it, even though it's incredibly simple; simply catch up to Eggman and smash into him for the first phase, and then trick him into shooting himself by taking advantage of the homing properties of his missiles. The same kind of principle (That a hard boss can be simple) can easily be done in SRB2 (and already has been) if the imagination to implement it is present.
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