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Sonic Adventure DX was a remaster. They ported it to GameCube, gave it a fresh coat of paint, added some new features, and they were done. Whitehead's games are literally remade from scratch. Usually remakes will take advantage of advances in hardware by making the game look and feel like a modern game, like when they remade the first generation of Pokemon games with FireRed and LeafGreen. But Whitehead's goal was to imitate the original, rather than update it. Although he did add widescreen, gave it a better frame rate and performance, and other stuff like that which isn't immediately apparent from just looking at it.

Whitehead's games are so special because they were built from scratch. Before him, others would just port the original games to new systems, because that's just easier to do. But the games often had a lot of issues because of them not being made for the hardware they were being played on.
The thing is that DX was just a bad port of an aged game whereas Whitehead managed to respect the spirit and soul of the series while Sega butchered it with average and mediocre games... Anyway this isn't the subject of the thread so it will be my last answer about this.

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If Nights was a little more zoomed out, I would enjoy it so much more. I don't like not being able to see what's approaching. I've never understood why it's a gametype that you're meant to go fast through, but you have to have a course memorized to be able to actually do that. A little more field of view would go a long way, and then I would have LOADS of fun with it, because I love the gametype in practice. A final boss using that mode would be SO stylish!!
The thing is that you need to memorize the special stages to better understand them, like in the classic series. I still agree that Nights into Dreams had more dynamic angles and a de-zoom when going fast compared to SRB2's special stages.
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