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I think that would be cool. What would happen if that kind of stage was added is that Black Core Zone would have to be removed. We'd be seeing the return of Egg Rock Zone Act 3 which would be where the regular final boss would appear in once again. Metal Sonic maybe moved to Grand Eggship Zone where we race and fight against him in that zone. And of course the very final stage would probably be called "Final Fight Zone" like it originally was intended to be. A "Doomsday Zone" stage was something that a proposed final stage after Egg Rock Zone called 'Final Fight Zone' was intended to make an appearance from what I've heard one time and if we see that stage, the music that currently appears in Black Core Zone Act 3 would most likely become the song for Final Fight Zone because that song was intended to be in Final Fight Zone as this song is after all a remastered version of the song that was called "Final Fight Zone".
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