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Yes, his regular moveset. Players aren't used to doing anything more advanced with Super Sonic other than super thokking through the campaign levels. You wouldn't be able to make it hard (at least in an interesting way and not just give Eggman 100 lasers) and you wouldn't even know how to because you haven't built enough concepts to have a good understanding of what to do.

And you're right people will complain about the final boss being too easy but, with Super Sonic's moveset, it would have to be.

No it doesn't because, beyond the familiarity with the controls, the core to mastering a game is understanding how the controls interact with the environment. Players are used to just shooting past regular levels (because Super Sonic is meant to do that) so they are not going to even understand the concepts of level design you bring suddenly to the final boss.

You could not ensure that at all nor guarantee it. Honestly, the best way to solve this debate is just to make a final boss with Super Sonic (your ideal boss) and have new players who just started playing SRB2 do it.

And having a final boss where Super Sonic works just like regular Sonic is boring as a heck. You could do that against Brak Eggman if you wanted to. This is a Doomsday Zone style boss.
I'm going to avoid the long winded explanations this time because it's evident that no matter what I say you are going to to go to any extreme jumps in logic necessary to argue against it anyway, so I will just say this: The topic at hand is nowhere near as complicated or difficult as you are making it, and your insistence against the idea seems to be founded more in your own personal lack of imagination as to how to make it work projected onto others as objective fact rather than any true know-how/insight you may have. To put it more simply: It seems as though you can't imagine how to make it work, and therefore you choose to believe it's impossible for anyone else to do it regardless of what others say to you.

As such, there simply isn't any point in me persuing the discussion further. I've made my point already, there's no point in me continually explaining it further just to satisfy you personally, especially when it's already evident it will never satisfy you. I will leave it off with this: Designing a boss around the regular moveset of Super Sonic is the only method I've seen suggested thus far that actually functions based on familiar game mechanics. I'll elaborate: Super Sonic's regular moveset is just a buffed version of regular Sonic. Egg Reverie style and NiGHTS style on the other hand would both introduce something very unfamiliar to the player suddenly. Egg Reverie would be suddenly handing you free flight, an idea that could be really fun but it would be unrealistic to expect players to know how to control it quickly enough to face a boss. Likewise, NiGHTS style up to this point would only have been used in the special stages themselves and unlockable levels that play like them, the player would have zero practice in using the style to fight an actual boss, nor any practice fighting a boss in 2D.

There may be ways to make either of those two ideas work, but the same is especially true of using Super's normal moveset. It is what the player will find most familiar for fighting a boss with. Super Sonic will have his invincibility regardless of which style they go with.
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