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Firstly, the level design for Super Sonic's moveset would have to very simplistic because the player would not be accustomed to using Super Sonic all that much. Super Sonic in-game is mostly used as an invincibility power up and a cool reward which lets you go super fast. Most of the preceding level design doesn't accommodate Super Sonic's speed so any sort of unique level design is going to be super easy as a result. It's also a boss fight and not some level.

Secondly, the NiGHTS special stage gameplay is the only other sort of Super Sonic-esque gameplay that can allow for some complexity and difficulty in the boss design. It is a matter of those two scenarios.
Firstly, no, it wouldn't need to be simplistic. As the final boss of the entire game, there's already an existing expectation that it should be hard, it just needs to be fair. Secondly, If you collected all of the Chaos Emeralds and made it up to the final boss, there is an expectation that you have had plenty of chances to test out Super Sonic already, so a boss designed to test your skill with him wouldn't be unfair.
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