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Hey I just played your level and I must say that I don't think it was too bad. There are two things that come to mind when I play it though and the biggest one being that "I don't see why this plays in 3D". I don't feel like you take advantage of the fact that it's 3D at all to justify it being played in that way. It would probably be better to make the stage 2D if you don't want to redo any level geometry. But, I think it would be fun if you translated Angle Island Zone into 3D by changing how you go about the level. So instead of a straight line you could have the player take some fun twists or turns that follow similar progression as the original. Being able to walk backwards out onto a beach would be a small touch too if you did it in 3D.

The second thing was the little gargoyle thing, which is meant to imitate pushing the block in that stage. The entrance to the hole is too narrow and while it's possible to get in, it's very annoying to get out. What I might recommend is possibly locking the gargoyle's pushed path and having the gargoyle hit an invisible switch that only the gargoyle can react to, allowing you to make a bigger entrance/exit hole. Since it's 3D, you could also expand how the room looks, instead of just doing the straight 3 monitors in a tiny hole.

Anyways, I did enjoy what I played, I hope to see what new maps you might make in the future!
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