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Single Player

Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan - 5/10
All in all, a pretty average map. Nothing bad, but nothing downright spectacular either. The music choice could have been better, though.

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 2/10
So, I start off in a waterfall listening to some mangled version of GHZ, and I notice that this is an emerald hunt. I leave the waterfall, and I notice enemies that use sprites made by Senku (i think). Did you even get permission to use those? Anyways, the level was rather dull and easy to beat, so nothing really good here.

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson - 7/10
The map is pretty good, but it would be much better if it didn't completely kill my framerate. At least I finished it, though.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade - 9/10
i swear to god, the only thing wrong with that level is that the music needs to be in higher quality and looped better ;-;

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E - 8/10
Pretty cool, but could have been a bit longer. Nice texturing, though.

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 - N/A
What a shame it was disqualified, it was actually kind of decent too :<

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome - N/A
I still had a good amount of fun with this one.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal - 4/10
This map would have been better if it weren't less than 30 seconds long.


Ponies Horses Suck Zone by Fawfulfan - 4/10
your horse is lovely

Anyways, joking aside, this map was a complete spamfest, and it didn't even have a sky

Flux Satellite Space Acrobatics Zone by 742mph - 3/10
Completely confusing, and it looks like a horrid CTF map turned into Match.

Southern Sands Zone by akb778 - 5/10
Empty and rather dull, but at least playable. The weapon layout was also strange and lol massive HOM

Aries City Zone by EternallyAries Red X - 1/10 (lol DQ'd)

this is a rp map, you didn't even bother to change the gametype.

Frozen Tundra Zone by Chaos Zero 64 - 4/10
A tad devoid of rings, and, to be honest, it felt kind of small.

Capture the Flag

Majestic Grove Zone by Scizor300 - hi/guys
So yeah, this map had a ton of issues with it when I actually started playing. Everyone was wondering where in the hell the Bomb ring was, and the map was chock full of WRMs, even the team monitors. Otherwise, the thing I really liked about this map is that you really need to work to get the flag, and it's also not completely unfair doing so. There's not a ton of chokepoints (Besides the bridge in the middle), and the visuals were balanced to, somehow, not lag as horribly as the other maps. I'm not completely sure if chunks of the map should be cut, because there's a ton of small acloves to explore to get weapons and random monitors, rewarding exploration instead of just having everything out in the open and having the player do a 20-second run to the flag and back while somehow getting every weapon panel along the way. All in all, I'm really satisfied with how the map turned out, even if it only took 10 days (probably less) to make.

Mystical Heights Zone Ow My Framerate Zone, Act 1 by Metal Fighter - 5/10
Anyways, coming back to this map a second time, I'd have to say that the experiences from my server are not much better than the first. The bases are much too vertical, and are incredibly easy to hide in, making it easy to ambush players. The content in the middle of the bases was also rather bare and easy to skip. My computer also chugged quite a bit on this map.

White Pass Zone by Kuba11 - 3/10
So yeah, the main gripes I have with this map are that there's barely any alternate paths to the flag, and the only one is incredibly easy to camp or just spam grenades everywhere. The bases themselves weren't very good either, being that they are incredibly hard to navigate and not get hit if someone has grenade or bounce rings at their disposal. There's also a small hiding spot behind the Auto rings which really should not be there. The central area was also rather forgettable, with nothing really eye-catching there.

Sylvan Shrines Zone Ow My Framerate Zone, Act 2 by Spherallic - 6/10
So, this map is still pretty good, but it's also extremely easy to camp. The bases were much too large and vertical, and there was only one way to the flag, making the person going for it easily suspectable to being ambushed by anyone sitting by the flag. All of the detail in the map also made my framerate chug as bad as Mystical Heights. There's also absolutely nothing interesting inbetween the bases, which is really sad. You made the theme look great, but you sacrificed a ton of potential gameplay for it.


Croissant Mountain Zone by D00D64 - 8/10
The thing I really like about this map is that it's not incredibly cheap (although a tad hard with lag), and it looks and flows extremely well. The teleports and checkpoints are really the only problems with the map. I, personally, love race maps that have good amounts of platforming while still managing to not be completely unfair. The visuals in this map, although clashy at times, still turned out to be extremely well-done, balancing texture variation with regular scenery and not lagging the game. I also really liked the subtle shortcuts you put in the map.

Frozen Hall Zone by Metal Fighter - 6/10
This ice level was pretty well done, but it also had some problems that really stood out. Why does the water in one single spot of the level not hurt you, even providing a shortcut? The part that has that little waterfall also suffers from a lack of texture variation, making it rather hard to see where you're going. Otherwise, the map was pretty decent, but nothing really spectacular.

Okay then, now I'm done with that...

EDIT: Redid some of my votes
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