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I have two machines and both use fairly new hardware. I have problems on the SDL2 executable with the menu GUI glitching up and ingame I receive inconsistent, fluctuating framerates.
Please feel free to go here and leave as much information as possible in a topic so that we can attempt to diagnose the issues you're having. The SDL2 interface isn't perfect yet, so any help we can get to make it work well is much appreciated! (And believe me, the problems you guys are having most likely aren't with SDL2 but within our implementation, considering that many games nowadays are SDL2-powered.)

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Not only that but I know for a fact that the SRB2 SDL exe really messes up in WINE on Linux, so that means somebody is going to have to compile a linux version more frequently, and maybe a mac version. Yes, SDL2 works better on Linux, but only through native architecture.
Fair enough. We should be putting more effort into making builds for Mac/Linux readily available. (Because I sure hope you're not insinuating that we should be trying to fix the game in WINE instead!)
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Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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