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Spazzo's suggestions reek of the pep rallies they forced me to go to in high school, where they stuffed everyone into a room to try to make us pumped up about how awesome school was when in reality all they were doing is making me resent the building MORE.
Sorry that the rest of us aren't as depressed as you are.

At least I'm trying. Youre just telling people the same solution you've always given: make more maps! How about a little bit more encouragement and a little less resentful, venomous cynicism?

If you don't care enough to put forth the effort and energy to make the contest worth anybody's time, then you should not be the one running it. Give it to someone who isn't going to complain about having to compile the maps and blow the dust off of SRB2 for the single obligatory net game.

I believe this response is justified given how you shot down my ideas like its nobodies business. Please take a moment to consider doing something different for once, regarding the contest.

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