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Ok Fawfulfan. I know the level sucks and all that. Like I said before I made the level really quick. HINT HINT by any chance?

Anyway I did notice I added a bit to much cards. After you mention it Kitoko. Maybe ill edit this level again sometime later or something.

And for all those who thinks about putting down the damn Pacman level and telling me to look at level designing 101. You better notice I did make the level really quick and plus that I made 10 times better maps then this type of level. Mostly my race maps or my Super Mario map that did not make it into this OLDC sadly.

So maybe think about what you say before you tell me my map is bad or shitty or something because I can indeed make better maps. just made this one within an a hour of mapping from the real game to this. Hinting this is just a port. Go look at the Pacman stage from the real game and open this map up from the DB editor and you see its the almost the same as the real in game map.

The real game is flat and only a maze and teleports from left to right. Just like my Pacman map.

So anyway the map is a great spamming map as I found out. =P
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